Heidi Heitkamp, Dusty Johnson discuss Donald Trump's 2nd impeachment

Former Democratic Sen. Heidi Heitkamp assesses the prospects of the upcoming Senate trial. Plus, Rep. Dusty Johnson, R-S.D., gives perspective from the House floor.
7:06 | 01/13/21

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Transcript for Heidi Heitkamp, Dusty Johnson discuss Donald Trump's 2nd impeachment
All a child has indeed. Beating Pete for a second time the only American president. Tomb beached twice they are the numbers right there 228. To 190 force not the final numbers yet but they've crossed over the threshold. A majority to peacetime impeached own trumpet which means a senate trial of some form. He's coming want to bring in a former senator talk about that now Heidi hi camp former democratic senator from from North Dakota. Heidi looking forward to this impeachment it is a trial that is going to be probably coming. In the next couple of weeks assess the prospects in the senate. But George if I can just kinda go back to Liz Cheney and think about what are either dead. Two weeks ago he orchestrated a letter to be quite Burke former secretaries that Japan. A war and the Pentagon. Do not in big in it gauged do not do things better unconstitutional. And then she comes out and says that makes it very strong statement. I think congress that it know what they don't know. And that's really the danger of people assuming that everything you're gonna know about. The president's behavior is on the table I find it interesting that Mitch McConnell. Is now waiting. I have this trial I think he expects there is going to be more. Very very difficult acts coming out for the president I think right here as we used to say that he would not support. Impeachment I think that he. Feels like it caucus would be in a better position. I analyze all the best actor that acts more facts are known and loved put on top of that. But warning that we received yesterday from the on acting. US attorney whose dad we are going to be shocked by what we hear. We can't be shocked by the behavior. Renegade Clinton's surgeons. We think we will be shocked by the behavior of people within this government whether it's in congress or whether it is and the White House then and around being. Rounding the president. Whether they were complicit in these attacks and elk. I expect that we're going to find out war information. And once we do a number of those. Congressional people who voted no they dare going to be right in there. I can't thanks very much we have one of those members of congress with a straight now Jesse Johnson Republican of South Dakota I don't know if you were able to hear Heidi hi camp. Great they're bad news she made the point that she believes that those who voted noted they are going to be embarrassed as more facts come out even more damning facts come out in the days and weeks ahead. Tell us about your vote why you voted now. Well I would say this Centre right camp and I think that's why it snapped impeachment was such a bad idea. If there are new facts that will be coming out in the next day or two or three I think lots of members of also on both sides of the aisle would have been interest it's an understanding. Municipal course impeachment process and history it is not a single. Our hearing next not what he was able to call witnesses and in which seven days left in the president's term I do think we still need to be concerned about things like due process. It would wanna convince herself that as a legal process rather than just a political. Do you agree with your leader Kevin McCarthy said that the president bears responsibility for the events of last Wednesday. All the president deserves funny irresponsibility. His words and action news not just last week but they're leading up to that. But certainly made things worse rather than better I. I made that clear last week and on the I think it's an I don't want to create in him a bill there is a desire in the immediate aftermath of these tragic events that may be explain them and overly simplistic ways George the reality is there are a lot of posts. Who have done that. So he. Trying to tap into this outrage and we've been making at worst a lot of politicians have been doing a cool personal Gainer political gain action. This should be a wake up call our country and I just mentioned as this one more bank. The rhetoric I heard on the house order they would some of deep most toxic partisan rhetoric I have heard it. Data has been Michael too concerned about the impeachment process. I just I have a hard. I do I do not believe it is moved us in the right direction. So how do you say who or what you're gonna go to the Democrats who argue that if you look at the totality of the president's actions since the election. Lying about the results. Telling his supporters and it was a stolen election encouraging them to go to the barricades in the in the congress and calling election officials trying to get them to find boats and aren't there. How do you explain that how is that not impeachable. Well first I would mention that you know I voted to accept the state certifications lastly come and I understand that. The and I didn't agree with the president a multiple plastic and metal like he was wrong a lot of rhetoric you just described was not helpful and is not the kind of thing we wanted to earn a constitutional republic. I don't know practically what impeachment vote George I mean it just seems like it is a political exercise because. We're not gonna remove the president was 72 have to go all the senators made it clear they don't have the time to do Dutch meditation two months. To try and convict a convenience store robber. You know high crimes and misdemeanors seem like educate more than seven days so what is impeachment after the president has left office conviction on its own does not bar him from running for circle opposite future if this is just east you know a super formal scolding. It seemed like speaker Pelosi could have done that same thing with a censure. Which would have been a lot more likely to gain but dozens he has not more than a 100%. Sure. Well I think it would have been something that I would have been really open to in I've said the president's lots of it actions and words did not help. And I think there was an a lot of people likely ordered you've got a superior realistic option but not a yes. Well I'm you need to see how it's written right in the movie theaters that. Words matter. Tax matter you know and I think the censure managers would that do establish a good case I don't have any doubt that they could. My only hesitation Georgia's that I machine. My colleagues on the laps. Too often may have overreached. And they haven't done so in a way that's made it difficult to bring Republicans for. How do you see the next couple years going in your turn of congress. Well none of us is. Russians and out of sight certainly didn't go to congress to wanted to engage in the kind of partisan petty squabbling that as all seemed to dominate the last two years. That's not how I'm wired and and I II want to. Solved problems I'm and I talk every day with you know bipartisan lawmakers -- we identify areas that that we we want to move the needle. And that's been one of my concerns about the impeachment process I. The relationships between Republicans and that's. The Democrats in the house right now George this week. It is as bad as it has been in the 100 years or weeks that a Christian militia had stated the terrors and it is going to be difficult emotionally struck up somewhat out last week and what is happening this week. Congressman Johnson thanks very much for your time today. Thank you.

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{"duration":"7:06","description":"Former Democratic Sen. Heidi Heitkamp assesses the prospects of the upcoming Senate trial. Plus, Rep. Dusty Johnson, R-S.D., gives perspective from the House floor.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"75235351","title":"Heidi Heitkamp, Dusty Johnson discuss Donald Trump's 2nd impeachment","url":"/US/video/heidi-heitkamp-dusty-johnson-discuss-donald-trumps-2nd-75235351"}