High school student hospitalized after vaping

A Houston-area high school student fell ill after vaping and was rushed to the hospital on Monday evening, officials said.
2:18 | 09/10/19

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Transcript for High school student hospitalized after vaping
A high school student near Houston Texas is in the hospital this morning he reportedly collapse after using a baby pen. It happened just minutes before an evening event on campus a witness says another student had given the boy the Penn saint he passed out after just one hit. It comes amid growing scrutiny of the ABC's Bratton Okie has more Brad good morning. I guess yeah officials at all levels state federal even the White House say we are seeing a. A crisis and yesterday the FDA came out some tough questions for an industry that has exploded. As the CDC kind of fifth person has died following a beeping related illness the FDA issued a warning to the nation's most popular. They asked if why is Jewell using nicotine salts which have been described as make nicotine even easier to consume. And a big part of this warning was not about the products themselves it was about the messaging that young people seem about taping ABC's Stephanie adds covers federal agencies and I Esther. Didn't jewel take down its social media accounts just so that kids would not be influenced. The company has eliminated a lot of its social media platforms they insist that this kind of targeting is not meant to reach. Young people but that doesn't stop other young people from posting about how much they love to they. It doesn't have to be kind of a company sponsored ad or even an explicitly sponsored act contact is out there and young people are being exposed to it. She says the real challenge for regulators here is how quickly this trend is spreading. And supportive note that a lot of the illnesses we've seen so far seem to have come from off brand fate pens. And young people using them to smoke THC one of variables here we will break it all down on store here late this morning. Listen on apple podcasts refrigerant podcasting app today Kenneth. Art I think some bribe there when it comes to advertising and and then tried to pull back on advertising for that targets. Teams really can't un ring that bell they know about it they knew about beefing. And the night at a stop. Can't write write another important thing that Brad said there is that there are so many variables no one product or company has been implicated Stell. Investigators are looking at all of these things. And obviously there's still a lot more information that we need to know warnings there and Brothers have listened to them.

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{"duration":"2:18","description":"A Houston-area high school student fell ill after vaping and was rushed to the hospital on Monday evening, officials said.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"65505878","title":"High school student hospitalized after vaping","url":"/US/video/high-school-student-hospitalized-vaping-65505878"}