High school students talk National School Walkout

Students at Palisades Charter HS in Los Angeles advocate for gun reform with a memorial to the 17 people killed in the Parkland shooting.
8:26 | 03/14/18

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Transcript for High school students talk National School Walkout
Everybody and you know what we're now here in California and I am Pacific Palisades charter high school without. I'm here and I have sun. Very enthusiastic students surrounding me mostly software thinking senior. I Davis feel about this walked out today. In Allentown that is sort of over the that is just you know look down at what what do you think anything went and I think. A lot of people came to us. We're not going to be quiet about this and act. Partly. Eats its. Eighteenth. And and final so when I don't take our future that's a really powerful message do you are you feel your future. C does it look like all of stumbling all of reliance life ahead of us and we don't know like what could be very about like we don't want him. Indeed due partly. I'm racist. Naked. Now absolutely any 93 to do you extend its plot that was really important here. Do you feel about how else can sort of it's already over it and ask us that anything that. An all honesty at it we could have done Myanmar have in this league relentlessly. It anyway we'll see protester and some loans that we can. I mean I think it sent him and I appreciate the fact that the school wants the apartment. Actually. The whole point was to walk out as students together you. For this then I honestly can't school can. What did you immediately it's. And I mean I used night. If the school isn't in control of it. The students it would have been Ari. It's us it's art features it's not it's not about you guys it's about us and it's working together. I mean this this can't happen it's it's. It's ridiculous that it took so long where ideas to me and movement is taking him and to control. Really shows. It was an evenly with an arm and it was like I'm sit. Heights activity. It doesn't look like it was taken over controlled done to their way. And then reading it's do anything about it like this like sitting in the conflict I. Needed to. Empowers. Sad that are moving out to children. That's an interesting since mid. Here and Californians what happened and it there was walked out and three. Oh here. And they walked down it boxer it down near the football field and back around and into the pot just. I it just sort of seemed like it was turning it around walking out. I'm. It. You walking out on the streets but just to block the block where no one besides itself is going ES isn't really make much of an impact in the community I don't be now. I think it's safe to say that act I is not over and that we will continue to hold these actions and he's rallies until something is done about. It is way too much stress and school environment as it and I think having the risk our lives being taken them this. Way too much. Yeah I don't mean or one point I don't think we should just march where nobody can see is switching goat. We should just go to the headquarters of the NRA wave around designs say. Stop stop play stopped allowing this to happen juicy you can sell more guns stopped. Trying exit stock. Stop play not trying to ban guns just he can sell more guns get more money just sit around do nothing rake in cash. Lake while you people die every. Currently students. I've had a I think it is important coming from he's there are a lot of people who think that high school students have nothing important to say. That we are essentially in the Stroud of apathy it we don't care about. We don't care about political issues that were uneducated about what's going on and its effects acts and I think its most important. But these views are coming from us that people see that we have to that. Is there anything. Saying is really powerful looking through a poignant. I think it's very important that people watching the slicing their watching from all of it around the country now they're seeing your voices being heard right now that's very important. What you think about people that mean you look at the kids going to school in California and something that they feel like you guys can relate to what other high school kids are experiencing across the country. I mean up absolutely. And BK is students are scenes we quoted a high schools were all it's like citizens you it's like. He knows where it live and it's. Ends in late rural parts of America they have been. They can happen anywhere every teenager has a voice. No matter where they live no matter public pride is school good neighborhood that neighborhood. It's all possibility. To happen anywhere so we need to hear. From. People from all over the country. And we need to make it a national issue not just against the issue not a blanket CD. They get city protests like this needs to be. So the entire. Across the US is in this seemed sort of eager to the same sort of like. Feeling about you know is this gonna happen to my school play I don't think it should not matter whether a person is from. Like California. Or new York and or somewhere else because it's is just. The same same issue. Both those schools goes to class but for many blessings in kind of keep looking and you're easy link and it. And so to note that you're threaten your life is threatened network and that it's what you class residency displaced that you did Everett. It's just. Unbelievable. They get smaller. And like. It makes friends and like have have a good time while you're still Lincoln area east Lincoln we're getting ready for unity instantly. We don't want to feel like endangered and we don't want to view. Scared to light come here at again like we might it's not that. You shouldn't have to live with nothing I agree I really want to thank all of you. Talk about Annan's. Also went thank you. We're putting on he really hasn't powerful display you guys are our future and that we you did stay while Amy Knapp has been exactly. Line so it's out Utley started this day and if there was a lot of good happening today. It is not over and thank you so much for you that's go to class now. Get out of hand early music punish everybody if you think that. It they go back to class and yes you might in California we aren't. Wouldn't got out what. On there with the students here did was this they sped up seventy. And fifth in their quiet man when you look at it satellite out. Tennis at this point sort of been on to. It's TVs and deep debts sat here so not only did they just they sent him to death but they also let a flower on them. They put a picture of each victim and you wrote something about. Its victims fourteen years old here's some place. They also put up at desk for teachers and of course would be football that's as well they. For. And also behind me while this is cleared out the staff writer and public speakers to sort of rally these kids and also riding. I'm people. Boating registrations so kids were able to register to vote and pre register to vote. And that was really hurt him to do that today to hear. Is college. Wouldn't almost 3000 hits departments locked out staff was treated as well and so well for some students they feel like this wasn't enough for this is just the start. I know a lot of its self powered either. I'm can it win. Reporting for ABC.

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{"duration":"8:26","description":"Students at Palisades Charter HS in Los Angeles advocate for gun reform with a memorial to the 17 people killed in the Parkland shooting.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"53751990","title":"High school students talk National School Walkout","url":"/US/video/high-school-students-talk-national-school-walkout-53751990"}