Hillsong Church senior pastor Brian Houston talks new book 'There Is More'

ABC News' Byron Pitts sits down with the megachurch pastor.
13:48 | 03/22/18

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Transcript for Hillsong Church senior pastor Brian Houston talks new book 'There Is More'
Everybody this is Byron Pitts and co anchor of ABC news Nightline. And today we're having a conversation with Brian Houston he is the senior global paster of hill song church. Best selling author who has this new newest book out it came out on Tuesday of this week. There is more. Welcome thank you script we told you so tell me where the title come from in white you write this book. But compassionate about peoples to. Really believe him. But the call to go to people's life and that Goodspeed who threw twenty sues Coke can do anything you know. Mara bull of the new wildest imagination octaves or request. They do wildest dreams and so I just believe in believe the Goebel habitable the people could improvement in trying to encourage you will but there is small. Biko's. I think a lot of people life itself truest and you know that belief. Got its abysmal full of them talk movement dreamcoat lose some things that. You know rope people who have been believing that they have code doesn't have a whole lot more so the I'm a believer in the victory of severe Jesus the incredible adventure of the will of code when it would spoil people. That includes the corporate loans that go life goats goats have much more for. I read the book. Really enjoyed opposed Rick Greece reminding if a cross between. Norman Vincent eagle and Tony rob that's sort of how to book how to that once life. But from a faith based tradition. Why write this book now. That lowest in Omaha to real most effusive in Tel Aviv news. Who's more to do with sort of what popular polish birth certificate degree of and you know we have to do live and it would with a lot of uncertainty and people wonder about the future. Wonder but the children's futures of the it's also a good tone we talkative people this didn't of them believed that go to as a possible for them. Your church hill song is such a phenomenal I thought everyone knew everyone knows you knows it shirt or for those who don't tell. Tell me about the church it's it's a global leader church. They have a lot and I started to it's an old school hole in Sydney Australia Roy albeit to the city 54 years ago. Which is crucial to. And you've grown quite that we can tell that picture that. When conferences. It has been a miracle journey really it's been 34 years in the making so let me votes votes and builds low noise but today. The actions global footprint it's. Good and so in 21 countries something Lorca. No no into the connections and couple hundred subjects of essence every weekend to elements in my view so the citizens of reputed so. Which is responsive but development since that we caught one him but he rooms. And that's. We conflicted. Described the troops through Portland to stay in it's to be two of them hot and a miracle. Stuart how do you explain that growth in this day Asian studies have come out to say that warmer people are turning away from their faith. Whether it's catholicism. But your church is growing in this climate where so many people are walking away from there how to explain your growth. Around the world we'll talk about your growth in Kenya and let's miracle stories that reviews and I think. You get to go for so we're very intent soon younger people. Inspiring him to people Foveon younger people. On the planet full magnitude to a life and look to have the Munson of the tourist he did did it to hit the boring in the relevant and believed to its can be alive and full. And exciting and and very relevant kids. You we we talked to on this message and the messages dogs. But the myth that is not necessarily taught us so we obviously and services please the bush its contemporary. It's true life look to speak life and people everywhere books with covered everyone wants would have much I believe we preached the gospel we pretty took. With an eight column content and clearly it would in a way that connects the people's if we don't know to assist them and a. I also know people who never step foot in senate he'll songs earnest but they know the music. He'll song choir band we cut. Well you wish have been through good to have three different worship and they want to grant so there so they're just not your temple Kol you know choir robe wearing. The drummer in the back that. Footage thing impunity grammys. In the Australian built that humans who so wish. So quote what a beautiful good news. It's people at a stroke the removed debris. Who have put a number of nominations do you local troops program. Yeah witnessed. I think that advocate and advocate Graham Republican of this other books and so did just believe people come next week. And that's equivalent. Two. It's sensible veto work because there won't be good. Six before us who believe god has serviceable fourth win we've. We talked before. You are a modest and you have so this ought shocks I can't really explain how we got so day but how do you explain how you got so. Look Edward targets and and when that gets us the first reports that Erica I think when the gifts do Obama fins few boos from this suit to accident of the people. And sport that work with people who helped him stumpel for lead. Their potentials. We've got a lot of very gifted very. Talented people and in the world. Some that you know what Cisco considered you'll get no blue suit in the road an incredible leaders. A thinks that it took him to do that just choose in the road people who work with them. Being prepared you know being threatened be prepared to push people there are on to the full front at. Nightline we've done in two stories on the hill song New York City parlance we'd we interviewed for the first piece bill that's. What we're one of the things about Gil song right that debt from 30000 feet. Is this this has been described this hipster church really cool if you say this rural emphasis on including empowering young people writes it looks one way from the distance. But on the ground. It is day. Conservative church has vs fundamentalist beliefs about homosexuality. About abortion. Which for for some people that would seem at odds. Old school message for the very young. Democrat. Is some of the things to people market with council. With his prost values as opposed to Goldman's pronouncements have been so liberty York institute through it Bruins cool. Lewis and thank god for you have people that come through duels which include celebrities some dogs and maybe it does and so all of that is not what what are we really are about the true message of Jesus Christ seat Jesus bring you hope to people. People from all walks of life for children from palaces to prisons. We wouldn't be to a tree debris one that is. Every single some of them vote described Richards as big as big as and so little trip with a lot of people. Because. You win at one disputed city. Call for action you know we don't believe it people and for people who feel valued. And I think we've managed to do that it's another reason why people keep pouring in to the suits but we wouldn't be home for every one. And operative ruined BO to have the commitment Jesus is there any part of the world where you have a footprint now where it's been more difficult than some of the places. Yes my question of aid. Beyond that to a two point to the right direction it through movie so. This could move in fool would in good health. But clearly some countries were typical of news so for example. Moscow in Russia. We had a great young couple live vibrant choose. Doing a good joke but seeing growth below slow but what we bullets in you do you'll colon don't know severe Australia. And so. No different but what's amazing to me she couldn't get him to India those places. And apart from the language differences have been obvious cultural differences. It just who feels who still don't bush to Berlin and it's. Its scope the same dynamic to you look at the people and he very civil of people cemented them demographic width and their coach. And so I think that's about it and I'm of what do you think. This all that my phrasing this holes school fundamentalist message is reaching so many young people. Because. People are hungry. And people are looking for instance people who do real listens deployed in the it's. Statistics in the borrowed people who are always one in. Point the church is on the decline of mystery proved that there's not one expert in my experiences if you can connect. The wood ago the bubble with people's real world. And you can really touch something in the house the people that they that not satisfy the local food left looking for more. And young people in particular I think young people they. Very thing they do they want to fund reason that you purpose of their life. And so wouldn't they see we'll hear a message that connects with them relates. To them. So the brick. Jeans and he hit dressed right you're over dressed correct answer is just part of to get a minute. All of the message in size but added that the agency did we don't give it to Cleveland where dreams could people who fitted. It's much would be so. And what it will be blue earth came back to the. Book. Do you have I I know that you care what each were each page me KG who worked on. This but is there one particular chapter one story fee if it's someone had a minute you say. Read this. Here at the store closings put a look like to look. Finished Tipton which has big dreams. And ridiculous. Towards new destroy people's ruined. There's been shipped through the court appointment disappointment. Which really like because I think that's what happens and look good on his colon. His god given appointment for people who to dis appointed dismayed go to the other directions the period disappeared. And so. That it would love to use disappointment to a ridiculous offering a god given appointment. So to me remotely tipped into the think it's that happens in loft people with toy. And the and loan. If you might ask you to read as it's ever at the vocal while ago. Downgrading courage and is wonderful stories and it. Problems the most encouragement. Two I guess actually I mean I certainly I think for personal faith and Christian so certainly there are things that resonate to me is personal faith. But but I think for for for any one. Not a net space there there are certainly stories. That are encouraging us twice that I thought of the Norman Vincent peels between problems of the world their messaging. If you would be so kind at this I I'm mark something I'd I'd love to have you just read just because I find the quality voice uninteresting but did read from. That section and note that such. Here with steroids people to overdose like. Bruce the shark funded mile. Yet we don't hear your voice everyday aches as people who get you audio book the comparative shots refute them just from here. Yet again this section and that's. I can. First Corinthians to him. There's no and to cadences. As it is through. Has notes that he knew he. No evidence of into the hub and the things which book has prepared for those who know him. Just lutherans bullet to the Goshen fool them we could government. Heavens of U2 U one submitted mountains of passion. And fury. Undiscovered species the movable bold moves of truth. Beneath the waves. We would never read that there Sobel would go to it is we would never find an end to the wonders. The threats that of as though some why ease his pain. There is more of him. Campbell two that we can Banco even a mention the measure be bowl. Strickland detained via friend. Get to celebrity. And he will prove himself frightful. Prepare for the dull life get ready to go deep and decide that. What you want to XUL pieces. Campbell. Thank you sir Brian Houston senior goal pastor phils on church's new book there is more. Win the world says you can't god says you can thank you so much for your skin cancer continue grace they're cute thanks what everybody.

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