Some Hinkley, California, residents refuse to leave: Part 6

Erin Brockovich started a consulting firm to advocate for other towns and the environment.
2:44 | 06/11/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Some Hinkley, California, residents refuse to leave: Part 6
Keep your feet fresh with Gold Bond Foot Powder. Hinkley's are happening everywhere, all the time. Will we be the people who can care enough about each of these communities to take action? Whether or not Hinkley's wells will ever be free from chromium- 6 remains to be seen. But Erin isn't waiting around. She's waging-a-war to ensure that water supplies world-wide, are clean and safe. And while Hollywood has often portrayed Erin as the hero, her latest book is a clarion call to tell us how we need to save ourselves. I've been teaching one very simple concept, "Superman is not coming." If you were waiting for someone to come save you and clean up the water, I'm here to tell you no one is coming to save you. You yourself can make one difference with one neighbor, with one friend, in one town, at one city council, and change one law. We can do it for ourselves. And there is some good news, Erin's call to action is apparently being heard. There are now Erin brockovich's speaking out around the globe. I dream of a better Kenya. Phyllis omido battled to close a smelting plant in a Kenyan slum that was poisoning its residents including her baby. And then there is jingjing Zhang who helped villagers in rural China bring a successful class action suit against a chemical plant for contaminating a river. She now fights pollution worldwide. And Robyn o'brien, from Boulder, Colorado -- I'm such an unlike crusader for cleaning up the food supply. Dubbed food's Erin brockovich took up the fight to help cleanup America's food supply after her daughter's violent allergic reaction. That ripple effect is only just beginning. We do have corporations that go rogue, and we even have leaders and politicians that fail us. Politicians that fail us. What's been missing is us. Erin brockovich isn't about me. Erin brockovich is about all of us. I guess we all have this idea that any hero or any person that's going to come forward is going to fit into that nice, neat little box. And I am here to tell you heroes show up in stilettos and short skirts and can drop an f-bomb. It's a cluster All the way around. But are certainly capable of telling you what I see as wrong and it's worth the fight.

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{"duration":"2:44","description":"Erin Brockovich started a consulting firm to advocate for other towns and the environment.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"78214874","title":"Some Hinkley, California, residents refuse to leave: Part 6","url":"/US/video/hinkley-california-residents-refuse-leave-part-78214874"}