A Brief History of the National Park Service

How a nation raised on conquering wilderness came to embrace conservation.
3:28 | 05/09/16

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Transcript for A Brief History of the National Park Service
It began with just one parking 1872. Major had endowed yellow film wouldn't bring. Revenues. But since then the United States national park system has grown tremendously. 400 areas now covering 84 million acres across all fifty states. An incredible success story often called America's greatest idea but how did all come about. Find out in a brief history of the national park system. The concept of the national park is largely credited George cap. An American painter who an 1832. Travel across the great things document disappearing native American tribes. By some great protection policy of the government given argued for a magnificent park and nations park containing then in beef. In all the while listen freshness of their nature's beauty. A few decades later in 1872. Kallis dream came true when a natural wonderland spending Wyoming Montana and Idaho. Became the world's first official national park. They called it Yellowstone. And here is by the most unspoiled regions on earth. But visitors must be prepared for robot like 500 pound player he would defeat the car windows rolled up. You. Further west in California's Yosemite valley a controversy was growing. While the area and indeed into the state and 1864. With portions blind of the federal government. The natural is John your believe the state managed areas were being exploited. And lobby congress for to become a national park under full federal control. In 1903 near convinced president Theodore Roosevelt to join him on a camping trip in Yosemite. And three years later the park was under full federal control. By 1906. Congress helped expand the park system by passing the antiquities act. Which granted the president the authority to set aside historic landmarks that already existed on public lands. Roosevelt took swift action for paying Wyoming is devil's tower is the first national monument that year and establishing a tradition of a continued today. For more than forty years the nation's parks for supervisor at different times by the departments of war agriculture and interior. The president Woodrow Wilson sought to clear the bureaucratic mess they created the National Park Service on August 25 1960. Then by 1933 president Franklin Delano Roosevelt further streamline the agency's executive order 6166. Consolidated all the national parks monuments memorials and cemeteries. Into single national park system. Three decades later president Johnson ushered in a new air of America's conservation. Emphasizing a parks for the people ideology. That sought more publicly accessible parks and urban areas such as. Very active historic occasion. The rate of Merck and outdoors. And since then the list of national parks has grown steadily. California has the most national parks and nine. While Alaska's Rangel saying alliance national park is by far the largest. Can even imagine America without its national parks. From the rivers of grass in the Everglades involved in those of Hawaii this unique system reflects how far Americans. In their appreciation for the natural world. The mission.

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{"duration":"3:28","description":"How a nation raised on conquering wilderness came to embrace conservation.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"38939711","title":"A Brief History of the National Park Service","url":"/US/video/history-national-park-service-38939711"}