Holiday Weather Threat Could Cause Sweeping Delays for Thanksgiving Travel

Rain, sleet and snow expected across much of country, airports anticipate cancellations.
3:00 | 11/25/13

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Transcript for Holiday Weather Threat Could Cause Sweeping Delays for Thanksgiving Travel
This is a special group. And then that's when new York and as ABC news digital special report mother nature -- -- a recipe for trouble as we are heading into this Thanksgiving holiday. Rain sleet snow and gathering storm moving across the nation. Planes trains automobiles everyone affected millions of Americans in the path. Homeward bound and and they may have to come up with a plan BBC's. Wendy Gillette joins us now live with more Wendy this. -- I mean obviously couldn't be worse. -- act could not be worse for the more than 43 million Americans who AAA estimates will travel this Thanksgiving Day holiday. Already hundreds of planes been canceled or delayed. And the storm is still marching east. A massive storm system is on a collision course with holiday travelers and it's already up -- plans for getting around as Thanksgiving approaches to. The driver in this Oklahoma -- unhurt but the -- mixture of snow sleet and freezing rain is threatening to make for a treacherous holiday track. It's dangerous move dangerous very accident followed other people booked into each other dismissal. Just can't stop by yes. The rough weather is blamed for at least a dozen deaths mostly in road accidents. Violent wind and sleet battered the Albuquerque area. A lot of snow lot of -- The rose -- -- -- filed. It's -- mean it's there's a lot of snow on topple ice that's just being. You know -- on our part -- Reynolds. -- -- the gremlin in the skies to a Dallas Fort Worth international airport DIC becomes a matter of life and death. Flight delays -- traveled back ups heading east and Western New York freezing waters came Bridget trapped for a hunter who got caught up to his waist. It took -- hover craft and helicopter to -- to safety. And an Oklahoma the weather even -- ladies feathered fellows. A flock of tiny ready -- grounded when they apparently mistook ice on the road for a pool of water. The edges of their -- Have gotten very bad bruising and bleeding on -- and the peaks so they must have. I'm nose -- the wicked weather is expected to move up the northeast and moving in on the holiday festivities. It turned bitterly cold here in New York City yesterday and forecasters predict that wet weather from the west. We'll -- this area tomorrow not exactly the guest you want at Thanksgiving right down. Now not at all I think maybe a lot of them are going to be ordering take -- -- that all of that wedding thank you for that of course this winter weather. Party caused some backups on Anthony at the airports across the nation in fact ABC's Ryan -- is at Dallas Fort Worth airport -- the nation's busiest -- joining us on the phone. So right how about of the delays there. And they are actually not -- radical -- originally expected because. -- in the forecast and it did not show fortunately. Oh what airline have gotten used to do right now it's what they call the Greek temple which means they wanna make sure there are not -- -- the people's next year. Airlines and in which you probably don't -- -- Delis or or it at well several hundred flights 300 plot. Yesterday and so that it what's going to really -- the -- -- backs but you're not speak people stranded on hot in the airport and at a at a year ago. Well you're certainly seeing -- trip to grandma out got a late start. Yeah until delayed in the end and you as you pointed out they are guys in the -- obviously taken as precautionary measures. They're working I think them youngster. Is being whatsoever but not -- all grieving you're an adult -- port area everyone it's very. And here I don't think is continuing I don't think there's any reason to do that the temperatures right at about thirty. Are -- -- and what -- the have you seen this link from flight aware. About -- of the misery map. Yet the turnout -- if it's very clever and and the colors aren't green and -- today I spoke. And holiday spirit but basically what -- right now. Is that your misery index is very high if you happen to be flying out of the -- the country. DFW. Houston and then the map actually moves forward in time as the weather moves -- the but like -- -- Guess -- turning -- places like Atlanta DC ultimately you've got the New York so. I suppose want this perhaps -- it's amusing to watch but it here in the old lies in yours being the airport your attitude is getting redder and -- well your face might be as well. Yes exactly I can also imagine that there's a correlation between the activity at the bar is inside the airports as well in the -- stand -- when buying magazines water anything that you don't really need. But -- passing the time along. -- -- that ride back to do that. Of course that gathering storm now the latest details from AccuWeather is Andrew bag leaning -- I want to talk a little bit about the -- the storm conditions where is it right now. Currently all -- to players. In this big storm is heading toward the east we have they'll cold air all across the north. Cold front getting as some light snow showers -- on the Milwaukee area pushing just north of Chicago. A general coding to a couple of inches no -- -- here that's the cold air all the moisture with the storm. Is in the south starting to push out the Dow's fourth area we saw all that ice the freezing rain mostly we're expecting around interstate thirty just southwest of -- Little Rock area Little Rock also seeks an icy conditions so that gives some treacherous travels now that's the moisture. These you're -- combined and that is going to spell disaster. For holiday travelers on Wednesday were looking at a lot of heavy rain along the I 95 quarter or Tuesday night into Wednesday but Philadelphia New York up in -- Boston Wednesday especially flooding downpours and that's gonna give us a big get travel in packs at the airports as well which will be felt all across the nation. Then we have the snow factor when you factor in that colder air coming in as you'll see -- -- -- -- wintry mix across the mid Atlantic some heavy snow into the appalachians and and 20 West Virginia. And especially across New York on the New York State -- this is going to be a crippling storm. Wednesday for travelers around the buffalo area Syracuse many areas 48 inches -- -- -- even upwards of over a foot of snow. Yeah -- obvious -- -- -- -- -- -- -- and very much so that a foot of snow can be all too common especially this time of the year. But this far as forecast models things -- has as this storm weakened and on -- -- -- any potential hope that things. Might not be quite as bad as I -- what we're -- from that. I wish I could say that -- the case if anything the models have just become more aligned. -- that it's just going to be a big rain event for the East Coast in the on any five quarter and then a big. Mass of snow event and again the timing just couldn't be worse this will clear out by Thanksgiving we'll see the sunshine returning. It will be warmer but for the busiest travel day of the year it's going to be a nightmare. -- planning -- time aren't acumen as Andrew -- wing Andrew thank you for that and of course our thanks to Wendy Gillette and Ryan -- For now I'm damn -- where New York with this ABC news digital special report.

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{"id":21005608,"title":"Holiday Weather Threat Could Cause Sweeping Delays for Thanksgiving Travel","duration":"3:00","description":"Rain, sleet and snow expected across much of country, airports anticipate cancellations.","url":"/US/video/holiday-weather-threat-sweeping-delays-thanksgiving-travel-21005608","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}