Homecoming King Surprise for Tennessee Teen

Three teens gave up their nominations so the honor could go to classmate Scott Maloney.
2:05 | 01/23/13

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Transcript for Homecoming King Surprise for Tennessee Teen
This is a story about four teenage boys three who did something remarkable and one. Who will never ever forget sky's love -- school. It's -- and make gloomy day pride Scotty Maloney high school junior community high -- union -- Born with Williams syndrome a neurological disorder that -- speech and learning -- often and then -- skate. Six people who have it abundantly friendly and happy. He's the star of this -- A lot of us -- -- there aren't seniors the Grissom drew Gibson Jesse Cooper were nominees for the school's homecoming king. But before the votes were counted they came up with an unselfish idea he's always -- -- so he he deserves some recognition that are. It is. So last Friday night with the entire school and most of the community watching Scotty. Was named homecoming king Hussein is -- out before but I didn't think it quite -- that much and for the next thirty seconds the crowd gave Scotty. A standing ovation. There. News. -- us. The measure by FA got soft Scottish 52 years -- -- he was pretty emotional I mean we're all emotional off their own accord means little -- -- Oh yeah yeah. Scotty hasn't taken his medal from around his neck and may not for a long time. Homecoming king is a high point in the one senior year but really who remembers after a few years. I wouldn't -- school every day I would put it myself and say I got -- -- -- -- informing him. -- so passive. You know every time we get together hey remember when Scotty -- -- -- and while it's like -- Case that you you -- it's becoming king usually goes to the cool guy in school the football player of the valedictorian of his class officer. But this year it goes to the young man who deserves it the most gum. In union bill -- -- -- national's new institute. As saying hey they're being.

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{"duration":"2:05","description":"Three teens gave up their nominations so the honor could go to classmate Scott Maloney.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"18293125","title":"Homecoming King Surprise for Tennessee Teen","url":"/US/video/homecoming-king-surprise-tennessee-teen-18293125"}