Once Homeless Student Who Cared for Brothers Graduates College

Bianca Jeannot held down four jobs and cared for her family all while working on her degree.
2:11 | 05/25/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Once Homeless Student Who Cared for Brothers Graduates College
We're in the midst of course of graduation season as you know and the woman you're about to me. Is giving a whole new meaning to the idea of work study yes yelled out for jobs. While caring for her just to disable Brothers and working on her degree and now she is finally crossed the finish line. WABC's Lauren Plattsburgh has her amazing story. To any two year old beyond vision no has so many reasons to hold her head high graduating from the College of New Rochelle is just one of them. She and her family lived in homeless shelters for seven years. And at eighteen she lost her mother a single parent I had to become head of household I had to inherit our section eight. From New York City housing authority and I had to disable Brothers that relied on no one else. So it was up to me for everything and a Fella might slip of the go to school she found a way in part by working four jobs at a tonight. Three on campus and one outside of campus I've worked very vector marketing network for the emissions house on campus Everett for year old the IT department you get the idea and she did it all while caring for her older Brothers in the Bronx. Paul has Reno failure and Michael has Down syndrome. Both attended the ceremony on the upper west side. Beaming for their sister who also edited the school's literary magazine. Founded in anime club and is graduating with honors he's one of the most energetic. Creative vibrant intelligence teams have ever had ecology and her show and she's Unita really bright wonderful future she is now the first person in her family to receive a college diploma and she found those who supported her unharmed and let. From I think she needs of the crowd she whatsoever ruby red lipstick that's price would be covered in that red kisses and dad think she just love it still. That's next per beyond guns as celebratory dinner and then she says she would like to sleep a little bit before she starts pounding the pavement. Looking for a job she'd like to find something in the world it animal welfare. On the upper west side Laurie last for channel seven Eyewitness News. It's something tells me she will have no problem at all finding a jab or hook or five that's about the that they want the freedom gets it she didn't do a lot of bad how I feel like a slacker and a summer job news.

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{"duration":"2:11","description":"Bianca Jeannot held down four jobs and cared for her family all while working on her degree.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"39366556","title":"Once Homeless Student Who Cared for Brothers Graduates College","url":"/US/video/homeless-student-cared-brothers-graduates-college-39366556"}