House Appropriations Committee questions Barr amid debate over Mueller report

Attorney General William Barr appeared before Congress today saying he's expecting to release the redacted Mueller report within a week.
4:49 | 04/09/19

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Transcript for House Appropriations Committee questions Barr amid debate over Mueller report
Our top story attorney general William bar testifying on Capitol Hill today in getting a lot of questions about the Muller reports. Devin Dwyer has been covering it all ends I wanna go to him he joins us in Washington. DeVon from your opinion what was the biggest take away. Hey Kimberly what's the first time we got to hear from the attorney general both since he has taken office up on Capitol Hill. And since the yet mullah report landed in his lap and of course he. Offered his take on the conclusions Terry Moran our chief national correspondent here as well Terry. Big headline out of this is that we expect to get our hands on it within a week. Attorney general bill Barr said he is in the thick of making rejections right now 400 pages. I was struck by the fact that he laid out these four buckets of categories of material that he is going to be taking a big black marker. And exceeding the stuff out seems like it's gonna cover. Potentially a lot of this report quite a bit he. Say that's consistent with with department of justice policy and with the needs of the nation obviously classified material sources and methods grand jury stuff derogatory information and and we're the fourth lines well privacy and reputation and an end and then they case it's compromise in mature that might compromise ongoing litigation some right charges. And the problem he has DeVon is the Democrats don't trust. When they got that full page report and he he categorically said first quoting Muller. That there are the evidence did not establish any kind of conspiracy coordination between trump campaign and Russia. And then. I don't think the president obstructed justice in four pages quoting two sentences and a little bit more. 400 page report. It's just don't trust a lot of skepticism about that in fact the chairman chairwoman of the committee said it's unacceptable that use in individuals spent 48 hours. Point your 400 pages and distill that that quickly she said I raised more suspicions. That it did suggest you're an impressive person. But then there was this exchange about the issue of obstruction and the document with that Florida congressman Charlie Crist former governor of Florida. Who asked the attorney general about his quoting Robert Mueller ticklish. The question of obstruction of justice you stated in your march 24 letter. That the mullah report does not exonerate the president. Can you elaborate on what is meant by it does not exonerate the president. Think that's the language from the report. Right I understand that. That's a statement made by this special counsel right I reported as one of his bottom line conclusions. Are not in a position to. Discuss that further until the report Israel out and then what is meant by exonerate is really a question and I can't answer. But he meant by that but as you sit here today you've you can't opined. After having read the report yourself. Why it reaches that conclusion. That it does not exonerate us. Trent. Them reports have emerged recently. General that members of the special counsel's team. Are frustrated at some level with the limited information included in your march when he fourth letter. That it does not adequately or accurately necessarily portray the report's findings do you know what their reference and with that. No I don't I think I think. I suspect that they probably wanted it no more put out. And that line that Charlie Crist Ingraham about Terri is going to be the one that all of us are going to zero in on when the report comes out in a week. Why did Robert Mueller explicitly say does not exonerate. And of course bill Barr said. It does exonerates other sort of everybody wants to see the evidence right and there's two there's two possibilities one is that special counsel Robert Mueller said. I'm not the guy to make that call. It seems unusual because he is pat apps are on the prosecutor but the president of the United States. Cuban president and states of a crime pay the Justice Department policies is you can't do it. These anybody's gonna cross that line should probably be the senate confirmed democratically accountable through the senate attorney general image that's one possibility the other possibility is he said. There's a lot of bad stuff the Donald Trump did here. And he had to it it's difficult to see whether or not as obstruction of justice so. We'll find out soon enough and within a week according to the attorney general lot more from that hearing a headlines on the Affordable Care Act the Justice Department's position on that and an immigration the attorney general was asked about that separating children and families policy. Kimberly bell VAR says he supports the president's standing order. Which says that we should not be separating children from their families at the border so a lot under way in here and we'll continue into the afternoon.

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{"duration":"4:49","description":"Attorney General William Barr appeared before Congress today saying he's expecting to release the redacted Mueller report within a week.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"62275996","title":"House Appropriations Committee questions Barr amid debate over Mueller report","url":"/US/video/house-appropriations-committee-questions-barr-amid-debate-mueller-62275996"}