The House to vote on final version of the COVID-19 relief bill tomorrow

Plus, President Joe Biden signs an executive order reviewing campus sexual assault policies.
5:20 | 03/08/21

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Transcript for The House to vote on final version of the COVID-19 relief bill tomorrow
Now let's turned a here in Washington and that pandemic relief bill that's making its way through congress and heading. For presidential signature at the White House the package passed the senate. On Saturday the final bill is set to pass the house tomorrow checks are expected to go out soon after president Biden signs and later in the week so let's turn our White House correspondent Karen Travers for more. So Karen this really baggage didn't change a little bits and present Biden's first outlined in in his plans and ways major changes while so what's in the bill headlines. And who's eligible with a drought and Czechs who have been talking about. And Terry change since the house passed their version last week and that's why as you point out house to go back to the house for approval before getting to president trump your headlines of what is in this one point nine trillion dollar relief package the big one that Americans care about that 14100 dollar direct payment. That will go to most Americans people making up to 75000 dollars a year couples at a 260. Of servicers to phase out at that point. It also includes 300 dollars a week. In extended federal unemployment benefits Terry those are the ones are set to expire this Sunday march 14. They concern about getting his bill signed so there is no gap in coverage there they'll be extended now through the first week of September. They'll also includes a tax credit for up to 3600 dollars per child. As well as billions and billions of dollars for funding of vaccines schools to safely reopened. And several hundred billion dollars Terry that good to state local and tribal governments president has has passed a few moments ago when annual site has now. His surprise Jerry he said as soon as I get it. And any of this big stuff it's one of the major of federal government initiatives in recent decades it passed. By one vote in the senate no Republicans voted for took what does that tell you about Biden's agenda moving forward and and what he hoped for when he came to office unity in the country. Republicans Terry say that the president is not standing by his promise of working with Republicans and and trying to in person first through legislation in a bipartisan way Democrats will say though that they've learned many lessons from negotiating on big recovery bills like this that the risk here. I was not going to a small but yet they really want to make sure that they could get other priorities and that's what Republicans of course are calling it a liberal wish list. But this really sweeping bill we use that word a lot here in Washington but this is really a big deal because of everything else that's in it. It is really focuses on low income Americans low income workers. A different than what we saw with the Kobe packages last year which were heavily focused on businesses corporations Democrats say this is really their best chance to try and push through some of their top priority is to issues that they had been pushing for years. And of course you know the hand Republicans will save some degree start now if you gonna try and work together but this is their best shot at the apple I guess and the next one another gonna have to come up with a way to do bipartisanship. This is a very traditional democratic agenda no question of other items on the Washington agenda. President Biden signing an executive action today directing the Department of Education to review sexual assault policies on college campuses so what's gone on here. Yeah this is international women's day so the president today will be delivering remarks on that occasion and also signing an executive order that the White House says is going to direct the Education Department to look back at trump administration policies essentially review all of the existing regulations orders and actions that were taken. Tied to ensure that students are guaranteed an education free from sexual violence and sexual harassment. Here there are a lot of criticisms during the trump administration about the narrowing that they did on these issues more narrow definition of sexual assault. And is also the steps that schools had to T going confronted with these issues the White House says the president will speak on this later today she and outlining greater di tale why he's taking this action also using us and executive order formally establishing that gender policy council that we're looking at look at these issues much more broadly. And finally Karen about our retirement in the senate senator Roy Blunt of Missouri he is player in Washington has been for a long time. Says he won't seek reelection next year east of fifth Republican senator to announce retirement ahead of next election. What's up senate Republicans and what does it lead Republicans in the senate ahead in the mid terms. Yet this is an interesting thing on a watch and see how president trump former president flex is the political muscle that he still has within the Republican Party do. At list and coo of those Republican senators are she can't. Hard core mahanagar crowd they weren't so the ones that were always standing in line defending president trump. I mean let's get awareness he now is who steps in to run in these races the president has said he and gonna make a row Bratton president trump I should say gimmick a robust effort to try and run candidates that have been loyal to him and stay with his America first agenda that he tried to do over his four years in Washington. A dozen Republicans are today he's say you know really independent and I can get through a primary and their hoping that they can put up good candidates here that would not be a dramatic shift to the right but Terry is to be a really interesting and indication of the Jews that president trump still has within his own party. Real drama in that Republican Party Karen Travers has always thanks very much thanks.

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{"duration":"5:20","description":"Plus, President Joe Biden signs an executive order reviewing campus sexual assault policies.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"76329139","title":"The House to vote on final version of the COVID-19 relief bill tomorrow","url":"/US/video/house-vote-final-version-covid-19-relief-bill-76329139"}