Houston Area Shooting Spree

Texas man kills 4 children and 2 adults.
6:30 | 07/10/14

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Transcript for Houston Area Shooting Spree
A suspected mass killer running from police the frightening scene in a suburb of Houston Texas. Trying to escape 33 year old Ronald Lee Haskell police say he had just fatally shot six members of a single family. Two adults and four children I'm Michelle Franzen in New York. Christine dobbyn ever ABC station KT RK is in Houston following the story and joining us now live. From north Harris County -- -- Christine. -- throughout the day -- throughout the morning rather neighbors have been stopping at the home just behind me leaving flowers. Candles. Pictures. -- the Harris County DA tells us that they believe the alleged motive -- Is that running hassles of wife divorced him and moved to Houston from you talk with the help of her sister who lived in this home. For those are calling chanted oaks home what happened inside this one leaves them openly -- been. It's basically a picture. And I wanted to -- -- Craig. For them right here Stephen Katie state and their five children shot there are beautiful home just me it's just heartbreak -- -- Somebody spilled so much anger that -- take it out. And -- for the there were always outside I would just say hi -- there will be carrying offers something that would just -- immunize people. Charges were read against Ron -- Haskell in court this morning -- documents say he knocked on the door of the leaflet lane home dressed as a FedEx guy. Asking fifteen year old Cassidy for her parents he -- came back a second time which he said they were not home he kicked in the door and tied her up. When the rest of the family came home he tied them up when they could not telling him where his estranged wife was he shot them -- execution style. I've not partially at forty you're seeing a tragedy at one violated this horrific case certainly. As is an impact -- situation for everyone involved. Cassidy -- only survivor played dead and tell her uncle left and -- law enforcement he may be going to hurt more relatives. So much loss in for the fifteen year old survivor. I know she was a good -- player to substantiate it does she still. But doesn't always got to do -- suspect -- -- a very difficult road ahead. Haskell is being held without bond now the charges were read against him this morning in -- however he did not appear Michelle. Christine ABC news has confirmed that Haskell worked for FedEx button was no longer employed there what are we learning about his relationship to the six victims. And it and going. -- when he was involved in that stand up yesterday and when he was arrested and taken to the Harris county sheriff's office he was still wearing. -- -- -- And investigators tell us when he arrived here at the home. He was wearing at that picture we have talked with a spokesperson for the company they say he did work for fed -- and -- January but he has not worked there since that. And let's talk about that lone survivor of a fifteen year old who is being held -- the hero. Give us an idea what her latest condition. We're told she's still in very critical condition and when we talk with investigators -- -- again this morning they're just so amazed. At what she was able to do they say that they believe the bullet -- sort of up ricochet off of her skull she was injured. As she was being wheeled out and flown to the hospital she was very able to get them. Very crucial information. And does she believed that her uncle was headed towards the grandparents' home. And might have intentions of hurting them so investigated were were able to look. -- that description of that vehicle and actually find him out before he made it to that home. And that's when this standoff has started. -- Believe in talking with neighbors here at some of them know her they say she's in that banned at school an airplane for a. Full recovery. And after providing police -- that critical information can you tell us a little bit more about. How that standoff went down last night between the suspect and police. And it was a long stand up just a few miles from here again they recognize that vehicle description. He was actually driving a vehicle that came back to this address -- his. Sister and brother in law that vehicle they spotted that vehicle they actually chased him for some time and quarter him cul-de-sac. And then they had swat vehicles actually boxing again this standoff lasted about three to four hours they were in contact with him and they say -- pretty calm most of the time. But he did -- -- -- around a couple of times and then there was a point when he finally walked down drop the gun and put his hands up and it did and. Hastily and of course we've heard those charges read this morning do you know anything else about the suspect Ron house going into whether a competitive fire bonnet. With police or criminal record. We did some checking here that you -- I would just Harris County Texas and we did not find anything very obvious. We also ask that this morning at the news conference about getting as -- -- ties so that's something we'll be looking into it throughout the day to see if he has any kind of background or history there as well. And of course now this neighborhood coping with this horrific crime how are they doing and have we heard also. From family members of those -- We have not heard from family members yet but neighbors here are obviously very upset that we talked to my neighbor she's -- -- -- 1977. And she said. There's never been any any violence here it's a pretty quiet neighborhood a very nice upper middle class neighborhood. And they all -- whether they know the family are not a lot of them knew of them they were well known in the area very active in the community and of course having five children. A lot of -- kids here on the street knew them and played with them so. There is a lot of heartbreak on -- street ever gonna see a lot more in the days to come. Christine dobbyn -- -- very much for joining. And of course you can keep up with the very latest on this Houston shooting in real time by downloading the ABC news -- starring this story. For exclusive updates on the go. For now I'm Michelle Franzen and New York.

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{"id":24511967,"title":"Houston Area Shooting Spree","duration":"6:30","description":"Texas man kills 4 children and 2 adults.","url":"/US/video/houston-area-shooting-spree-24511967","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}