Houston emergency services still overloaded

"When you call 911, stay on the line. Don't hang up," Houston Fire Chief Samuel Peña said.
2:44 | 08/28/17

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Transcript for Houston emergency services still overloaded
He's in part apartment today in last 24 hours we've responded to over 5500 calls for service. Over 4000 of those calls have been water related incidents. The Houston fire department in cooperation with police department and R&R. Partners in this effort to have effect there were 209. We've panels that 6000 calls were now one services which are operational period that began at eighteen that 6 PM on Friday. To date we've completed. The rescue of 2000. Historians. And Pete members were community. And as of this moment. Lou this press conference we haven't approximately 185. Critical rescue requests that are still pending we've had four people that tried to Lou and earlier arrested. As of this not o'clock this morning we received approximately semi 5000 calls that we did process as well. And we've done and gotten IQ numbers down to ten meeting goes of the calls us kind of pending that we do you have to hold. That's a huge difference from yesterday there is probably not 122 by 250. Doubts about 1015 on Q today. So yes we are receiving the tremendous amount of calls is an extreme emergency fervor on the whole region of course. It but we are encouraged and citizens to call and they do you call my want to stay on the line. Do not hang up because that just. Expands our chunks system. Which overload today and we did it just puts out a whole Latin numbers of people that we can't get here but we are doomed to a tremendous job for the first responders. And we are process and those calls we are just asking patients were Chun doo. Huge amounts on a regular basis we've cost about 8009000. Calls and as mentioned we are about 75000 calls this morning. They have starred to started to release water. From Barca addicts and about Turks they're releasing. As a movement an hour ago about 2600 cubic feet per second. From addicts and about 2800. Cubic feet per second from Barca for abruptly about 5000 cubic feet that was about now. They're going to gradually increase that. To about 8000 cubic feet which will go up till about noon. And the reason is since then the amount of water that's behind barker and panics if they if they don't release it. Then they will go around specifically addicts it will go around and it will create even a major problem.

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{"duration":"2:44","description":"\"When you call 911, stay on the line. Don't hang up,\" Houston Fire Chief Samuel Peña said.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"49467887","title":"Houston emergency services still overloaded","url":"/US/video/houston-emergency-services-overloaded-49467887"}