Howard sorority sisters inspired by Vice President Kamala Harris’ rise

ABC News’ Devin Dwyer speaks with current members of Howard University’s Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority about the barrier-breaking life and career of the new vice president.
5:47 | 01/22/21

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Transcript for Howard sorority sisters inspired by Vice President Kamala Harris’ rise
Howard University show time marching band escorting its most famous alumni yesterday. From the White House vice president Connell Harris showing love there. It's an HB CU where she went to college. So much history that we have witnessed first hand just in recent weeks monumental moments for our country. Now the swearing in of Kabul Harris is vice president this week is being celebrated by millions of women across the country. Tonight on Devin Dwyer introduces a constant some ever sorority sisters who say that she's now inspired a new generation of women who will continue. To shatter glass ceilings. Day care. Another glass ceiling shattered vice president Kabul Harris inspiring millions of young black. My name is different from power line all on many in his oral current acre kidding senior. The sisters of alpha kappa alpha of the nation's oldest lacks authority at Howard university in Washington DC watching what of their own reach a pinnacle of political power. She always approaches. And every challenge to people with what we call excellence and witches doing the best and can hold yourself to a certain standard Eddy can she do. Paris pledged AKA at Howard in 1986. A storied sisterhood that includes Nobel Prize winner Toni Morrison an actress is Felicia Rashad and Roxy roker. This is a system. But is what I lifetimes and it doesn't just soccer in the forty years is something that will be a part of for the rest and relax our children of the apartment. And link is my beloved alpha kappa alpha. Our divine nine and my HB CU Brothers insist. That family including tennis great Althea Gibson first black big city mayors Sharon Pratt. In scores of civil rights advocates authors musicians and journalists. Do you feel pressure. And he'd be among the best of the best and seeing so many from your when he had to go on to do pretty amazing things I don't think it's precious it's just stated just how would soon I'm interested in education and I hope to go worry. And change to see an education in the conscientious and strangle that anything is possible. Release along its hardware or the eight K any sisters in the class of 20/20 one telling us Harris has raised the bar high. Her grace did just. This inviting what it truly means to be in the post crisis lady I just I just you know overjoyed and just honored. And it is your mind dare you know that as black women were able to do anything. And the road ahead will not be easy. But America. Is ready. She literally walk the scenes steps she has slept in the same building has slipped in the quarry. All right Harry she lost the yard she has seen major area now does stink like. The sky is really let it. Harris is his store cassette captured in this month's historic cover of Vogue Magazine the green and pink backdrop proud colors over AKA sorority. The newest generation of sisters still absorbing in what they've witnessed. Lot of times this black women island representation in senior self interests of power and the highest levels not familiar feeling. On its own a woman is really powerful fleet street specially if somebody who wants to be glass ceiling breaker in town the first to do something to black women. I just remember thinking to myself. Like these you isn't direct mere reflection and on the everything I asked by Yates who want economy. They know the road ahead won't be easy. Especially with the nation's still gripped by a painful reckoning with race. I can surely believe that can be gone team being in the second highest decision in the country but I am Barry Mary G. Understanding this. Are you nervous does anybody worry for her here for personal safety in this high profile position at this time. Or just for the attacks and other scrutiny that she's likely to face as a woman of color in this position. At bestsellers isn't very courageous wanton seller I definitely need that we were definitely huge support Harris. And network of black women seem to begin living historic journey. Hopeful president Biden and vice president Harris will be able to bring healing where others have failed. You're machines it's only right now and arsenal and is actively writes we're past the biggest thing brass and it's getting bills. Susan Steve. With seats at the table in a TrailBlazer in the White House a proud moment for a pioneering sisterhood. Founded more than a hundred years ago could they ever have imagined. One of their own being in the White House. To be honest because of that time I really don't think they realized. What they were laying the foundation for. And I think if they were alive today. They wouldn't be so very proud and absolutely amazed at the strides that we have made hurt his. For ABC news tonight I'm Devin Dwyer in Washington. So many sore skiing meeting yesterday in solidarity our thanks to Denton for that and before we go tonight our image of the day. Workers began removing fencing near the National Mall one day after the inauguration of president Biden. Our capital still on alert after that mom Bryant but we hope that this is a sign that better days are ahead. That is our show for this hour mission to stay tuned ABC news live from more context analysis of the day's top stories I'm Lindsey Davis thanks so much for streaming with us and good night.

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{"duration":"5:47","description":"ABC News’ Devin Dwyer speaks with current members of Howard University’s Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority about the barrier-breaking life and career of the new vice president. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"75417957","title":"Howard sorority sisters inspired by Vice President Kamala Harris’ rise","url":"/US/video/howard-sorority-sisters-inspired-vice-president-kamala-harris-75417957"}