These Huggers Are Muggers, Police Say

Police in Oklahoma have arrested a brother and sister accused of using hugs to steal from the elderly.
1:27 | 05/14/14

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Transcript for These Huggers Are Muggers, Police Say
-- then -- children are always taught not to trust strangers turns out the elderly need to heed that lesson -- well. Check out the surveillance tape from a grocery store in Edmond Oklahoma 82 year old Mildred -- so is approached by a woman who claims to know more. And they came up to me who I didn't recognize. And said you don't remember me -- And I think we know -- I think we're doing no need for she hit from church. And -- hug me and she was very very friendly and then she said -- I have some pictures they said I want you to see. It was just a diversion so the man behind them could get Mildred purse. In the meantime her brother. Who is behind her reached over me and my. Cart to get into my purse to take my -- which unfortunately. Wasn't very well hidden they were able to get away with my new -- followed. 31 dollar bills about a dollar's worth it changed my driver's license by library card and two coupons for -- The crooks never got a chance to use the Macy's coupons police in arrested -- -- and Jonny Watkins who apparently used this trick all the time. Mildred -- so says she has a new shopping strategy cover her purse with lots of frozen meat and vegetables.

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{"duration":"1:27","description":"Police in Oklahoma have arrested a brother and sister accused of using hugs to steal from the elderly.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"23716203","title":"These Huggers Are Muggers, Police Say","url":"/US/video/huggers-are-muggers-police-say-23716203"}