Hundreds of Central American migrants wait to apply for asylum in Mexico

Mexican authorities say they will deport the migrants involved in the chaos that occurred at the border on Sunday. Interplay
3:36 | 11/26/18

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Transcript for Hundreds of Central American migrants wait to apply for asylum in Mexico
Marcy that there are not with Matt this has been going on for weeks and Burton has almost given up unfazed by an app hasn't seen it happen so many times. But for then. They're living through this for weeks they've been marching many mothers with their children and I'm just curious what your seeing because for me it seems like these people must be exhausted how to even surviving at this point. It. That Maggie has been a really exhausting. Journey afford these families who are here now we're at. What is essentially a tent city that's been set up here in Tijuana. Maturities migrant health 5000. Car here in Tijuana right now. Waiting hoping for the opportunity to apply for asylum in the US is to give you some perspective that's the border. Right there so just on the other side there is United States where here in Tijuana and there are so many tens. And to many families and people in this tent city that he had just fill out here into the city so. A lot of you people don't even have tents and they're just heart set up. Times of wall like right here. And people are sleeping underneath that you can see this as we saw family all huddled sleeping next to each other for warmth it was pretty chilly here. This morning so I'm. This is what life is life. For these individuals and these families who have done this long trek through Central America. Here to the US border hoping to be able to apply for asylum give you another look here this is people lined up for breakfast. On the other side there someone making pancakes selling those we've seen people coming around here selling toiletries things like that inside this tent city people are kind of getting their days started. There are part water containers so people are. Doing what they can to try to gain we thought people forcing their teeth their report of Heidi set up there and trying to make thickened as soon as. Liverpool as possible but. It's it's it's a really uncomfortable situation pork especially these mothers who are here. With their young children see this young boys. Right here getting his day started we're seeing so many families like this with really really young children and some of them Maggie were out there. Yesterday when all of this chaos that now was as talking about unfolded. We were talking with a mother name's Sarah Ramos yesterday she said she went out there. Funeral when getting caught up in the crowd hears affair with us. She out with her children yesterday because she thought it was going to be just a peaceful rally. Sending a message to the other side of the border where there was another rally happening in solidarity with these migrants okay. They came out there to show their appreciation for the Americans who are supporting them. And June hopefully send a message they said to the US government that hey we're here and we want to apply for asylum sees it that's why she brought her children out. And then as tear gas canisters started flying she says and and dean landed pretty close to see her children she said that. This fumes were getting in their eyes that their eyes were watering the kids were crying and screaming there was another boy who came up to us with a tear gas canister in his hands. And said that it landed just feet away from him and that he saw someone else get injured get hit by one of those canisters to really tense day. Worked so many of these people here much calmer this morning sounded. Marcy thank you so much it's hard to imagine what it must be like it to be there with those people especially like you said the kids. And their moms so think you so much for giving us updates.

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{"duration":"3:36","description":"Mexican authorities say they will deport the migrants involved in the chaos that occurred at the border on Sunday. Interplay","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"59422631","title":"Hundreds of Central American migrants wait to apply for asylum in Mexico ","url":"/US/video/hundreds-central-american-migrants-wait-apply-asylum-mexico-59422631"}