Hundreds shot, dozens dead in gun violence surge

Retired NYPD official Robert Boyce said police morale is already low and defunding the police is “counterintuitive.”
3:33 | 07/07/20

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Transcript for Hundreds shot, dozens dead in gun violence surge
More analysis of the surging gun violence we bring in Robert Boyce retired chief of detectives to the NYPD department thank you chief for joining us. Do you think you're so until about why do you think we're seeing it in this surge in violent crime right now in these cities. Sure there's couples and come on some issues here that was England primary to draw readers in what police managed. What was created Tuesday. And an order of police social real react to place in the route taken different should their pitches industry initiatives and by New York wears no clothes all. Who are forcing gauze and street. So erosion of moral here and I see losses Nobel response they'll calm but it can be used the same passionate war. And he's he saw Ortiz house Ortiz street bears. Believe to just evolving into violence as the years ago when I coast to in different issues here but the biggest drop Perrier. Is a pregnancy and police and now to politicians and Maurice who are saying to police she earns her. Now whatever you be in Paris or we're intelligent German police department and asking. We see other things well in New York across countries are we can seal slaughter innocent. Throughout our nation in these big cities. So it's very ceremony meeting crew on porcelain season seem what was going on TV horrible situations. You've got other things too but Miller former New York you'll see prisons being downsized the won't promote just and speed on intelligent. Who seem to be alone to Portugal. And sourcing warm people who street. And it bears in today's virus not really on the back rotavirus let more people in jail more people treat more criminal element receipt. Our numbers are going through the roof and it's very very just. The ticker talk about seeing more people on the streets do you believe that the struggling economy in the virus may be contributing. At least in that fashion. Is small but it's not news and in these communities aren't seen. My entire career advice your browse all these so on those communities being being deluged with his spot on street. And so it is a concern but I think is a sense of law lone wolves is always. Across the nation even here in New York the disrespect who voice. And you mention the who want to see police abolished entirely it seems a majority of that movement is really looking for. Not putting so much responsibility on the police and sharing some of those duties with other experts and may be. Better equipped to deal for example with mental health situation so. When you look at. Magic political problems we have is failure of our society and a love you know mental illness and is now pushed debt backed onto the street. To handle when someone's who didn't daughter Anita industry creating those issues creating violence against himself and others. So subs armed bottom line he may be wounded because you don't I would put in measures. To help those those most infecting young medalist we have no problems social or in addressing it we want to be well. All shall ever be well trying to should be system in place and that action. So we you guys think most people on board who are important but no problems aren't chief boy's great to talk to thank you. The.

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{"duration":"3:33","description":"Retired NYPD official Robert Boyce said police morale is already low and defunding the police is “counterintuitive.”","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"71640709","title":"Hundreds shot, dozens dead in gun violence surge","url":"/US/video/hundreds-shot-dozens-dead-gun-violence-surge-71640709"}