Hurricane Michael devastates Florida

The hurricane, the third-most-powerful storm on record, tears through the Florida Panhandle.
3:43 | 10/11/18

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Transcript for Hurricane Michael devastates Florida
Welcome back to ABC news live we begin with Michael this morning now a tropical storm barreling through the Carolinas the storm made land fall as a category four. Packing the most powerful winds and the most powerful storm that the US has seen in nearly fifty years just to give you an idea. Florida's capital Tallahassee. Despite being 25 miles in Lynn was still hard hit by the storm. And Victor can dough is there this morning Victor Tallahassee was hard hit but still. The areas taking in thousands of evacuees from even harder hit areas how's that working out. While die and we definitely took you know a strong hit from hurricane Michael but that said. It does feel like we definitely dodged the prone to be here in a bit away kind of dodging a bullet they were about. Thirteen hundred people in shelters. They're gonna keep those shelters open. For peace for folks in those harder hit areas because they know they're gonna need you know some place to stay the major concern here in Tallahassee all along we'll just take a look right here behind me. These downed trees there are thousands of downed trees in the city just like this one. This lesson one came down right on top of that call our interest to make matters worse for people here in this neighborhood take a look right beyond that tree past the parking lot. In there are three more big downed trees just across the way there so everyone who's car is parked in between. Right now they're stuck they will not be going anywhere. Any time soon. This is one of so many neighborhoods in Tallahassee without power right now at least 100000. Customers in Tallahassee while in this county alone. Right now without power so that's. The big push today the cleanup and the recovery efforts. There are at least 220. Crews there will just be working on. Clearing up the debris from roadways some 200 roads in this area were blocked five you know fallen trees steel hub. Those crews out there clearing the roads in their partnered up with utility crews punitive start working on getting the power back to folks. The ones here this neighborhood right now without power. Neck quit if you will be in the dark tonight Victor and or you're with the mayor last night what do you have to say. So we rode along with Pelosi mayor injure or kill last night as he made his initial damage assessment any checked on. Some of the residents in the harder hit areas. Here in Tallahassee he's eager to get his city back up and running. He knows that there's a lot of work that needs to be done and because it was so early on the storm had just passed we went up with them. He was a little hesitant to give us any exact numbers or figures. But he did say he hopes that within 24 to 48 hours they can restore power to the majority of this city so that's going to be the big push today Diane. Now the think one of the many talking to offer him cookies I mean that's how you Weathers storm. It was actually incredibly sweet moment is the mayor holds up he was with a small crew he walked right up to this homeowner this league you came outside and night downing just said look. We've lost power few hours ago but I made these cookies before. In their for anyone who comes by we know that there's a lot of work to be done here so these are for those workers mayor police have one. He was happy to take one any action appointed her right over his crew he was with the veteran who's been on the job for thirty plus year CC play storms like this one. It was quite a moment to see it's it's those types of things received once a storm passes the community really coming together. And that's by the way what we're starting to see here to at this neighborhood I mentioned those trees that are blocking the other side of the spark plug. What does look like some people I'd not long ago showed up. With their own power tools and supplies even solace to try to break up some of those trees so they're trying to take some of them this work into their own hands as well. Now that's the highlight in times like this is when you see people really coming together we show we are. Truly made a Victor can know there in Tallahassee Florida Victor thanks.

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{"duration":"3:43","description":"The hurricane, the third-most-powerful storm on record, tears through the Florida Panhandle. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"58437506","title":"Hurricane Michael devastates Florida","url":"/US/video/hurricane-michael-devastates-florida-58437506"}