ICE starting to fine undocumented immigrants amid humanitarian border crisis

President Trump's administration is beginning to deliver notices worth hundreds of thousands of dollars to migrants who failed to comply with deportation orders.
6:50 | 07/03/19

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Transcript for ICE starting to fine undocumented immigrants amid humanitarian border crisis
Number of advocates at these churches have been defending the migrants and joined now by our reverend know Anderson with the year he's a sanctuary a leader in the sanctuary movement with the church world service no thank you so much. Really glad to be liver coming and I. We're talking before the show it did this network of churches across the country that has been taking him. Thousands of migrants and it really over the years keeping them safe refuge in and care also some shelter in shield from deportation. Has received so much attention Ari do you feel that the churches are under siege from the administration and ice agents show up with these. But these notices. Yeah this is clearly an attack both on that immigrant who's who's claiming sanctuary in with Tina of their voice in a prophetic witness and those congregations that are walking along side. Those immigrants who who say no these are people that are our mothers that have. Their fathers that have families they they're fighting to stay united with their families. That's why they're going to sanctuary. Another case you mention Indians and she's being that's really strong voice an end of the here's the question is why are they trying to instill fear why these tactics. Now because these these these immigrants obviously don't have a half million dollars to pay many of them say they weren't even aware that they would incur fines. A great innings because they're trying to silence. These voices these activists is that it's a form of retaliation. And aids and it's trying to limit free speech is trying to limit freedom and expression for us. Who believe that you have to love our neighbor to welk on this sojourner in our mid eight's the dark faith values in this administration is trying to find. Well I would get your response to a put to them over. The past year so as these issues have come to the forefront. About how they can embrace. Christianity Christian values and in a moral approach. On the one hand in impose policies like this on the other hand they say it's actually a moral obligation to enforce the law this is the law on the books. So that's simply what they're doing and how we say that. It is very clear that that our mandate both in our scriptures and our tradition is soon to welcome immigrants and further the administration argue otherwise. And I think in their really betraying the Christian values and really it's it's in my opinion using the lord's name in vain I mean. We know what these are traditions they go back thousands of years so for the administration to come in it now and saying that means. Visiting Jordan in the 1980s how did this same fight we had we were helping thousands of peace central Americans. Coming through a lot of it military interventions from this country a lot of root causes of migration are from the policies of this country such as. Their support of a fraud election in Honduras and so we have to have responsibility for our past policies. And as faith communities we have the responsibility to deal moral voice and say we are. Welcoming these communities they are neighbors they are part of our communities they are part of our fan with. And those people that are in scenes where they've been in this country for 102030. Years they've been working they have cars or houses. They have Stanley their children are going to schooling children haven't even the lot of our citizen children have never been back to their parents' country of origin. And they're really fighting for their him as an end as this you know administration claims to be for a family values that what are we really seeing out there and Murray how. This case is resolved to your network the sanctuary movement currently has. 44. Probably exchange rate case India public century cases immigrants who are Rick are being housing cared for within churches there deportation orders you race. These churches are protecting them. How they resolve are they there for years on end or where are what you are coming out. All these cases have the potential and and and in the previous administration through prosecutor discretion we are able to get stays in removal. And those days or remove often times went on her for years and and this is indicative of what's wrong with our immigration system that it's outdated we need to legislative reform. These people insane short as well the eleven million undocumented people should be able to adjust status do you think dice is usually work after the church's. That is the concern that we do have I mean this does seem to be as claiming ice has a policy sense of locations that there. It's not supposed to gonna hospitals schools churches but we see ice encroaching on those spaces and this does feel like an encroachment in. We are very concerned that day will decide to break their own policies that some playing going to. And so few what are you hearing from mice you've been communicating with a lot of these government agencies what do they say about concerns with the you know I think at this point they're just saying that you know you're secretly. They are. Indeed finding they are doing the funds SP as it is written in as of course about what they're saying is long gone and before we let you go pastor you had spent some time as as a passer on the border Iranian air NRA and military Washington DC. I think so many of us have been covering this extensively here on ABC news five are still wondering. Why are so many coming in now have conditions gotten so worsened Central America we've done some work. Did to prompt this there's they're there is there another reason that we are seeing these massive. Record numbers showing up. Gray lose stories where he gain our stories of extreme violence threats of gang members. And many people are fleeing those that violence and also that government's ability. Then I mentioned before. But union even take like the case of throws that in North Carolina she she was fleeing domestic violence and she's someone seeking sanctuary and she was given the spine of 350751. Dollars. She got that letter. And unit she actually fled because she was stabbed she has scars up and down her I'm dominant. And end this Jews fleeing domestic violence and you know a lot of people don't quite understand that asylum law that you have to. Apply in that first appearance so that's how she became undocumented but. I think what we're seeing that influx of asylum seekers and children is. As it out of humanitarian needs and it Wii in the past this country has received hundreds of thousands of refugees in the past. Even in the Reagan administration with that Vietnamese refugees for example and so this is part of our history we are a country of immigrants are refugees. And we need to embrace that history not turn away from it and what we're seeing at the border it's excessive cruel punishment just like these finds and we need bettors detention standards at the border Dick people's need safe sanitary. Additionally no you there's always asking parents like you push for those two words no Anderson thank you so much and with the church world service appreciate you coming and Sophie Tatum great to see you as always.

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{"duration":"6:50","description":"President Trump's administration is beginning to deliver notices worth hundreds of thousands of dollars to migrants who failed to comply with deportation orders.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"64119431","title":"ICE starting to fine undocumented immigrants amid humanitarian border crisis","url":"/US/video/ice-starting-fine-undocumented-immigrants-amid-humanitarian-border-64119431"}