1,200 Firefighters On Front Lines of Idaho Wildfire

Officials urge residents to leave as wildfire has burned 1,000 acres across Idaho.
5:08 | 08/19/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 1,200 Firefighters On Front Lines of Idaho Wildfire
This is a special report from ABC news. Hello everyone I'm Devin Dwyer -- New York with -- ABC news digital special report on the wild fire. Freddie thousands of homes right now in Idaho ABC's -- Deedee Roy is on the front lines covering the fires she joins us now from Ketchum Idaho -- DD. Great to have you with us what's the latest out there. Good morning -- it and then right now we're five miles from the fire -- -- Pickens look here but also see a massive show man power and -- National Guard they're here with their armored humvees to make sure people are staying out of the evacuation zone. -- thwarting an all out attack to stop. A blaze has already ravaged more than 100000. Acres now lapping at the edges of two major resorts. The streets of Sun Valley Ketchum Idaho blanketed with smoke. Firefighters doing everything from clearing vegetation the turning on the -- -- water cannons. All the target -- described as -- A giant pac man with its -- open. There's been really is shocked actually. To get evacuated just kind of wait and see what happens can't control -- This morning nearly 2300. Homes have been evacuated. Nearly 7400. More at risk among them. Some of the most expensive real estate in the west multi million dollar -- owned by Hollywood celebrities Bruce Willis is 8000 square foot vacation home. It's now less than a mile away from the fire zone. Fell action star Arnold Schwarzenegger -- a multi million dollars state just six miles from the. Airline one of the things we are really concerned about -- people wanting to stay home and protect their own home the fashion. Should region. This is that there are also hurting one after another close in this ritzy resort town. As people flee the clouds of smoke mostly mistakes and I keep -- -- in -- And just that -- -- intact. The fire right now is 8% contained. Right now the biggest challenge for firefighters the hot dry conditions during the day that -- debris like this tree branch easy fuel -- While very very dry conditions that he viewed as you mentioned a lot of ski resorts lot of resorts in the area there what are some of the -- stated his ski -- doing to help contain the fire we saw on your piece. Some those water cannons. They are -- doing that and and they're just trying to fortify that area around that means that puts it. Economy -- the bread and butter they want and make sure. That they're there they're fortifying that area we know that they are bulldozers around those areas to make sure the fire. Doesn't reach that those questions about. And what's the weather looking like today for firefighters out there on the front lines. Well right now it's actually kind of cool and there. It's very very low humidity and there's somewhat of a win here so that we want answering. That -- very very closely because that's the continue to -- the direction. The -- and how strong it is. Absolutely that wind blowing the flames Schwartz many homes he gave us a sense of the area here thousands of -- -- tell us again how many people's homes turned away. Number of stars home. Dimensions -- in the way here but -- give us a sense again of the scope of this way. -- -- Yeah exactly what -- challenges here -- according to fire officials are talking to yesterday is the fact that. -- -- concentrated area I would make life easier that of the -- actually haven't gotten in hillsides that there's this kind of urban sprawl through. And that the wildfire area. There are people who are kind of local. Live here all your about it. -- vacation homes as you mentioned there are a number of Hollywood celebrities who have all property here multi million dollar state self. We -- seeing also in terms of what the overall threat is. 101000 homes and car -- at -- right now and that includes but when he 300 homes. Have been evacuated and then there are about 7350 homes were under three evacuation orders and that basically means that people are standing by ready to leave when their -- That is a lot of people in harm's way and we understand from your reporting that several hot shot teams have been descending on the area as you mentioned the National Guard. Give us a sense -- we're hearing some reports about private firefighters being hired here to help battle displays. Absolutely yeah -- -- we've actually think that being in town -- constantly being seeing steady stream of private firefighters. Going to homes -- -- Anderson as an insurance companies have hired. -- firefighters sent to make sure that they protect some of the homes that are out there on the hillside. They Deedee Roy thank you so much for that reporting live from Ketchum Idaho. Thank you for that special report this is an ABC news digital special report -- Devin Dwyer in New York. This has been a special group. Report from me.

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{"id":19999842,"title":"1,200 Firefighters On Front Lines of Idaho Wildfire","duration":"5:08","description":"Officials urge residents to leave as wildfire has burned 1,000 acres across Idaho.","url":"/US/video/idaho-wildfires-2013-1200-firefighters-front-lines-1000-19999842","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}