IG finds Russia probe was not improper

There was no political bias in the FBI’s opening of an investigation into Russian meddling in the 2016 election, the report found.
6:43 | 12/10/19

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Transcript for IG finds Russia probe was not improper
And we stay in Washington in the long awaited report into the FBI's 2016 investigation. Of the trump campaign inspector general finding serious performance failures in the probe but no evidence a political bias I'm joined. By Alex Mallon in our DC bureau. Alex if you can do is break down these findings and tell us exactly what they mean. Yes so inspector general Michael Horwitz launch this investigation in march of 2018 he reviewed over a million documents sat with about. Over a hundred witnesses he said including lot of former FBI officials. And what he found the key finding a was that no political bias affected the opening. Of the Russian investigation. Now what he was actually set out to examine originally. Was this application for surveillance of this former trump campaign advisor Carter page. At what he did find was there was some serious. Allegations of wrongdoing by FBI officials and how they handled. Application and the renewal of that application that application was were needs three times and found that these agents. They were found to have you know included serious omissions and how they dealt with the fights according making sure this war was approved. It but he could not find that those omissions in these mistakes in the handling. Of that probe he cannot find any political behind but bias behind those omissions that's a key finding and really to bunks. This idea the Republicans and the president have been pushing that this steel dossier they included all these allegations against the president really fueled. On this investigation now that that that dossier the inspector general did find. Was behind in it was actually what pushed the is certain surveillance application over the line. But had nothing to do with the opening of the Russian investigation Horwitz found that that was due to this meeting that George pop it up was another trump campaign advisor had. With the Australian ambassador where he bragged on. Having dirt on Hillary. Clinton yeah Alex and it's it's pretty interesting there and in an ABC news exclusive hour Pierre Thomas actually sat down. With the FBI director Chris Ray to get his thoughts a let's take a look at that. As far as you know based on the findings in the inspector general report is the FBI was a part of something state. Well I think that's a Connell label that is a disservice to the 37000. Men and women who work at the FBI who. I think tackle their jobs who is with professionalism with rigor. With objectivity. In with courage. So that's not a term I would ever use to describe our workforce and I think it's an affront to them having said that. Having said that there are a number of things in this report. That in my view fall well short. Of the standard of conduct and performance that we and that I expect smaller employees and we're going to be taken a number of corrective steps. To address that. Right Alex so then Strom was blasting. His response on Twitter and he said that he will never be able to fix the FBI. And another thing that the director told here in that interview was Peter asked him directly do you did you find. That the trump campaign was unfairly targeted. And to band director ray answered and no I did not and I think that answer has really irked. People in the White House who were looking to use this inspector general report may they say look at the findings of you know the ball inspector general courts doesn't say it outright it's hard to believe that these agents were acting. Improperly without the idea that they were being biased towards the president I think that that in the past 24 hours we really have seen a remarkable split. Emerging between not just the president and the FBI director but the FBI director and and an attorney general bill Barr. I'm bill Barr came out with a statement. Accompanied by the US attorney. And his. His statement was really scathing ending in basically repeal king the inspector general's finding that the the investigation to the trump campaign was properly predicated. We know now that the attorney general does not agreed that finding and he's saying he has some type of evidence. That he's gleaned from this investigation is separate investigation. Perhaps from looking into the intelligence communities and not the FBI but there is no evidence and it has been credit presented by bar or turn to support that finding so far. Yes so lots of discrepancies in the story so major discrepancies between what president trump is saying. In what the FBI director sayings I just like take a look at both of their comments. They had no nothing was concocted. This was an overthrow a government. This was an attempted overthrow. And a lot of people were in on the report found the Russian investigation was launched legally no evidence of a political cool gets president truck. According to inspector general the FBI had enough evidence point to the possibility. Of either a federal crime or threat to NASA security. Or both to justify launching a probe. At the height of the presidential election in 2016. Oh there was absolutely spying into my campaign. Go a step further in my opinion it was illegal spying unprecedented spying. And something that should never be allowed to happen or our country again so the FBI did not file on the front campaign. Well that's not a term at the FBI we use to describe our work do you have any evidence that the FBI targets trump campaign unfairly. I don't. All right Alex do you think that American people the Americans are watching. All of this go down are able to. Understand what reality is here. Well I think that the thing about this report is that it did find a lot of airs in the way the FBI officials handled. On this but that is obviously a separate question as to whether the investigation was properly predicated. I think that now we're just seeing people kind of retreat to their political corners. A Republicans are saying that those mistakes. And those errors by the FBI officials are actually evidence to support. The president's claim that he was unfairly treated on the FBI director is saying that he accepts Michael Horwitz is findings. That the end the investigation was properly predicated I think there'll be a lot more answers. Out of inspector general Horwitz tomorrow when he appears. Before the Senate Judiciary Committee but whether the facts will really lineup I think that there's this just such a complicated funeral for over 400 page. Report and it's really typical I think spurred this to be digested when you have two different political parties taking away completely different conclusions from us. Absolutely and so we shall see I'm Alex Mallon right NRDC bureau thank you for helping us break that down we appreciated.

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{"duration":"6:43","description":"There was no political bias in the FBI’s opening of an investigation into Russian meddling in the 2016 election, the report found.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"67631328","title":"IG finds Russia probe was not improper","url":"/US/video/ig-finds-russia-probe-improper-67631328"}