Illinois Frat Members Charged in Hazing Death

Northern Illinois University student David Bogenberger died after a night of heavy drinking.
1:35 | 12/18/12

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Transcript for Illinois Frat Members Charged in Hazing Death
The Greek letters are guarding the house is closed but inside. David -- converters picture on several fuel programs remains. He wanted to. Join this fraternity wanted to be accepted he wanted to be like dislike anybody else who pledges of fraternity -- wants to be part. But the friendship group. The price that was put on it was to have to go through this ritual. The ritual according to police was a party in which pledges were ordered to go from room to room looking for their assigned Greek mom or dad had. They had to -- alcohol in each room. The next day but -- -- was founded in one of those rooms that corner found alcohol five times the legal limit in his system. Five fraternity leaders including the house president are now charged with felony hazing seventeen others face misdemeanor charges. In addition and -- you may move to suspend or expel -- many as 31 students all members of pi kappa alpha for violating the school's code of conduct. I guess people really just don't think about it until. It actually happens and -- -- seniors -- analysts and Rachel Wilkins are split over whether their fellow students should face criminal charges -- burgers death. Nobody wanted this to happen it's not like it was something that. Big news was an accident fraud no it isn't like in charge of running the returning as a whole should get a travels allow us to let them do that that they're not paying attention to. Consequences and each of these defendants are very serious and very life changing. And you know a lot of life change. November 1.

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{"id":18004829,"title":"Illinois Frat Members Charged in Hazing Death","duration":"1:35","description":"Northern Illinois University student David Bogenberger died after a night of heavy drinking.","url":"/US/video/illinois-frat-members-charged-hazing-death-18004829","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}