The possible impacts of President Biden's pathway to citizenship plan

ABC News' Devin Dwyer examines the potential impacts of President Joe Biden’s legalization plans for immigrants, jobs and the economy.
7:02 | 02/03/21

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Transcript for The possible impacts of President Biden's pathway to citizenship plan
President Biden continued his streak of signing multiple executive orders this focusing on immigration however today's actions did not address or outlined how his administration plans to handle the millions of undocumented immigrants and those with temporary status who are closely watching him. Snyder Devin Dwyer has a look at Biden's plan for mass legalization. And what it could mean for families and for the economy. I feel Whitney. That Rosenthal floors are buys a salon in Washington DC Salvadoran community be ended the trump presidency is given way to fresh hope. Right now we act like assays that much because we don't know what's going to happen with I hope. Is sending administration's. Because that's what we looking for change. Our pies and earned her US citizenship thirty years ago but knows first hand the fear that many of our documented neighbors and customers feel living in the shadows. I was two years in England is confident in the Daley admitted the pickle you know what it's like I know what tonight. They being good people why they have the will back a day top four or 5678. Night and I know they have to when he somehow they and he is the immediate even with the is fair. They gonna sing me back home what about my families. So I think that. For me. Isn't in the better ways to admit on that leg being here. Legalization of undocumented immigrants in the US is getting a fresh look thanks to president Joseph Biden. Who sent a proposal to congress on his first day that would immediately lift the threat of mass deportations. Many American Rossi armed. In this group it fills me with emotion here that this new president is including us agricultural workers in his immigration proposal. Finally him. We don't have to be afraid be in the US citizenship act of 20/20 one would create an eight year pathway to citizenship. In the most sweeping immigration overhaul and within 35 years. The plan would require undocumented residents to pass criminal background checks pay taxes and wait five years just to apply for a green card. If they pass additional security checks learn English and US civics then they could apply to become citizens three years after that. The bill that they're sending to congress on the replaces the word alien to win the non citizens' right that alone is not symbolic that is actually transform it and. Some immigrants should be fast track under the Biden plan like hundreds of thousands of farm workers are. Recipients of temporary protective status or TPS. And dreamers like Greece or Martinez rose house. Yeah can't BS at a young age in my mind my dad deeper southern Baptist preachers about Texas and I've been happy in the American justice movements and that was that senior high low and being that this is actually Barbara review. Think you can't fight together grossed just lead to movement of more than a billion dreamers many of them recipients of Dhaka who have bipartisan support for permanent legal status. But it's something only congress can extend this is not about a political game for us this is about our lives. And what is clear from the Obama here's what is even more clear cut it appears. Is that the country and the government cannot lead but detention and deportation. We've seen it again and again in history did if you reward good behavior of those come across illegally it's good to keep happened. A Fox News survey of voters in the twenty to forty election found 71%. Believe most undocumented immigrants should be offered a chance to apply for legal status. 29% said they should be deported. Most economists say mass deportation would be a bloated the economy to the full impact of mass legalization. Is less clear many immigrants working in the US are doing jobs that other Americans won't do. Thousands are essential workers many of them on the front lines fighting Cole good. In the DC area. 20% while construction workers are TPS recipients and this are numbers that construction companies give me they have been loyal employees. Dead are a key to their success so they have been sort of in this temporary. Status now for close to twenty years they think they've paid their dues. The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office says legalizing more non citizens would expand the economy and boost tax revenue. One recent study of other countries that legalized undocumented workers found it could increase costs for some employers. And in turn mean fewer jobs overall. Steal more than a 130 major American faith groups and businesses. Including apple Wal-Mart and Verizon have thrown their support behind a legalization plan. To achieve got oppressive immigration reform. Ten years ago president Obama's major push for immigration reform and path for citizenship and failed to pass in congress. He was criticized for not fighting hard enough leaving office without a deal. Tried. Word. Is it's neck and you know we had been I've dated to have saved all or nothing can we you shouldn't go with Nancy. Teresa Romero the first woman to lead the nation's first and largest union of farm workers says Biden now face is enormous pressure to deliver. Even if it's only piecemeal. We need to Cheryl. Are you need we are moving forward it is Madeleine would be equity injuring thirteen. Happen if he's gonna fight. For Romero sees a symbol of Biden's commitment front and center in the Oval Office. There behind the resolute desk a bronze bust of civil rights leader and farm workers organizer Cesar Chavez. Having humans dare bring presenting. The immigrant community the Hispanic community is just chests me she. A historic icon want Sheen over Biden. Millions of immigrant families like Roosevelt floors are buys a watch him closely from a fall and now you say here you're in her here watching yes Joseph by we hop. You hope for changes do you trust him what do you think he'll be able to bring change. There are in this for years. You know you have to have some C and a young mind to be different. So hot I think I'm made me. App bragged I happened in every night not to be wrong. To see changes and I think who wouldn't do. For ABC news live I'm Devin Dwyer in Washington.

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{"duration":"7:02","description":"ABC News' Devin Dwyer examines the potential impacts of President Joe Biden’s legalization plans for immigrants, jobs and the economy.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"75645577","title":"The possible impacts of President Biden's pathway to citizenship plan","url":"/US/video/impacts-president-bidens-pathway-citizenship-plan-75645577"}