Indiana man on lynching threat: ‘Scared for my life’

Vauhxx Booker discusses a holiday weekend confrontation in Bloomington, Indiana, where he says his attackers threatened to “get a noose.”
6:52 | 07/08/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Indiana man on lynching threat: ‘Scared for my life’
Tonight a black man from Indiana is accusing a group of white men of attacking him and threatening to lynch and allegedly threatening to get a news claiming that he and his friends trespassed on the private property on their way to a public beach. Tonight alerting the FBI has launched a hate crimes investigation. Here's Alex perhaps. Tonight investigations under way in Indiana after this disturbing video posted on social media showing a group of white men attacking a black man and a 36 year old fox Booker. God and the men hurling racist slurs and pinning Booker against a tree and one antigen in. Yells to listen to your knees and I even. The ordeal unfolding July 4 at lake Munro near Bloomington India and yeah. Booker says he and his friend whose want you to were headed to the public beach. When he says the men accused him of trespassing on private property. Booker says he tried to calmly talked to them assaulted Booker says what saved him was that his friends and bystanders refused to leave the company prosecutor saying she's waiting for investigators to turn in the east and for review. Yeah we've learned the FBI is opening a hate crime investigation. Our thanks Alex Perez involves Booker joins us now thank you so much for your time boxes we just heard. I'm Alex restated that you did suffer concussion and how are you feeling. Physically at least tonight. Coming experience. I'm pleased to see it yeah I remember our I'm. Community station this step Odyssey now and to see. Overwhelming support it received for my community. This scene for us it's just backtrack for a moment it was fourth of July you're walking with friends to see the lunar eclipse and then what happens. So I can be busy with civilians. We decided to he's being more magical formula. So ask what I can do that saying. He watched the women critics. We need to be gentlemen who has Carlo jewel whose eyes were competitive lack. Now. Will Cozumel. Continued lobbying. Each. Trying to say to you behind this. Well we engage Shlomo and he does Santa want credit property he owns the land. I knew we won't really I'm rental property because he was still just sit and now I'm usually easy on the beach. Iran and having it can't we just apologize. Continued on to the game. At what point did you realize it. So firstly we're having a productive conversation with team members of his group. I think new Lillie Canadian. And being the gentleman that I had a hat on. Join us an email Bailey Ewing. This situation green to east Syria aren't afraid and I. You just didn't. Well I. So. Andrew walking away. About a minute later issue exists with the approach. Candy. A man who runs behind me and a strike me falsely ground. No man comes. Console and before you know. Can really had any. Cheney to. And you say that the men threatened to break your arms and said get a news while telling your friends to leave the area one of the men had that. Had on as you said with a confederate flag on it in that they made statements about white power so. What's going through your mind during all this. Whereas on the ground and I can feel the impacts my body and in business day moment William and jumps on my name's Chris we'll see consumers by way. This time he blistering. To hear the commotion and he. China intervene. Lou Reid's staff by other members who I was in my life. And you said that you believe that you're alive today because folks stop being bystanders what do you thing would have happened asking you obviously this. Have a little conjecture here if this incident were not caught on camera. It was a scary moment during my press conference today when I was here arena some of clothes. He let me the art location you can adjustment said he felt like they were enjoying. Injury me and then. The incident happened and mr. Glazer edited so. I'm student and natural conclusion just have been that they. Whether they actually handling that CEO immediate parent would have. And the FBI as you mentioned they've opened hate crime investigation Indiana conservation officers responded to the incident in a statement they tell ABC news the there is in an active investigation now under way into what happened so far. No charges no arrests in your opinion what should happen to them and not only who were involved in the incident. But also to the officers who responded to. And without a doubt there. The man who also didn't myself in Indiana folks who trying to intervene. Two yesterday situation you just eighty. Should be slippery just east media didn't. Set a precedent that you cannot on this rare air you. 2020. Isn't this is something that Israel where he supports it costs an accident anymore. Sort of chaos is definitely no real nice twice. I don't. So. Everyone around it is in his place. And I'm not Smart kind and Indiana so I'm not accustomed to. Let when he's up to show. Early enough so obviously completely extraneous. He sees him neck and music he's injury. As I say to him there. These men Norwegian the united Harris clearly afraid my life. You list is you know property lettuce. I explained to him. We know we won't let you may even if we warm arm property. You wouldn't matter that my life had a moral values in these. Fox Booker we are so thankful that you did not become a hash tag in and we really appreciate your time thank you so much. Station.

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{"duration":"6:52","description":"Vauhxx Booker discusses a holiday weekend confrontation in Bloomington, Indiana, where he says his attackers threatened to “get a noose.”","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"71660277","title":"Indiana man on lynching threat: ‘Scared for my life’","url":"/US/video/indiana-man-lynching-threat-scared-life-71660277"}