Indiana School Shooting Threat: Parents Not Notified

During a domestic dispute a school cafeteria employee's husband threatened to "shoot up" the school.
1:36 | 12/17/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Indiana School Shooting Threat: Parents Not Notified
Was -- threats against this Indiana elementary school real or just angry words said during a domestic dispute. Cedar lakes police department wasn't taking any chances Friday neither was. He said that he would come -- -- the school and he would shoot until officers took him out that's what he told her. Police -- it all started as a fight between sixty year old -- mayor and his wife who works in the school's cafeteria. He had made threats to her that he would -- -- -- sleep. She's made threat -- and that she was gonna leave and that's when he said that if he didn't get her tonight he would come get her. The next day where she works he said he would come -- of the school. The school was placed on lockdown police kept watch on the school it on Meyer's home. Whose property sits less than 1000 feet from school grounds and arrest warrant was executed yesterday. But during this whole incident parents were never informed of the potential threat. You have to do is hit the door bump -- -- UN before they ask who you are what you want. You know if you're from around here you know what -- Side doors are open at the back doors are open and the cops -- and schools anymore so that's the big concern. Jensen noticed his daughter is a fourth grader at all elementary she came home talking about a locked out and not being let out for recess. Laurie still ours is twin granddaughters also protect the ball. He didn't know nothing about this until I read -- on face -- After midnight last night I have two granddaughters -- don't -- -- there are safe Gomes school now you know. I'd I don't know what you say it's it's scary it's very hearing -- own neighborhood.

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{"id":17998753,"title":"Indiana School Shooting Threat: Parents Not Notified","duration":"1:36","description":"During a domestic dispute a school cafeteria employee's husband threatened to \"shoot up\" the school.","url":"/US/video/indiana-school-shooting-threat-parents-notified-17998753","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}