Infectious disease expert explains what happens when a vaccine trial is paused

Plus, how to stay healthy going into the colder months and the holiday season.
5:20 | 10/20/20

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Transcript for Infectious disease expert explains what happens when a vaccine trial is paused
And for more on this want to bring in infectious disease doctor Todd -- in doctor Allen earned good morning thanks for being here you know we just heard. All about these UK challenged shrouds what's your take does this cross and ethical line or should we take advantage of the chance for more efficiency. What an ethical dilemma Diane I mean I feel much more comfortable if we had a proven therapeutic. That could keep healthy people out of the hospital with all that I'm really personally challenged as to the ethics of this also it's not only a boat. Being a deadly virus but what if these young. Folks you know develop the post cold it syndrome the other point is proving that you have decreased infection with these trials and help the young people doesn't exactly translate into showing federal work and older patients with chronic conditions. We've also has seen some recent setbacks in the race for a vaccine with the regular trials recently Johnson & Johnson posits trouser over safety concerns Pfizer pushed back the timeline for its vaccine. How long do you think before we have a vaccine available to the public. Boy I think the key point here. Is that these are safety pause is that thinks is exactly what we want in these phase three trials when we say safety is first. It's where we are being serious about this this and these investigators these companies. Our safety is everything and so these pods are good thing they will not push forward. Until the investigators feel that the benefits outweigh the risks obviously there will be delays as we're seeing. But that's okay because when the vaccine comes. We wanted to be effective. But also say. And you know doctor on to those of us who don't normally monitor vaccine trials especially not as diligently as we have been lately. Sometimes a positive sounds scary and I don't know there's something wrong that vaccine is done how common is it for vaccine trials in phase three to be paused and then to end up going on to be something deemed perfectly safe. Here important question there and they are more common than in therapeutic trial also remember you have healthy people. I better coming into these vaccine trials many of them and and some of them who have chronic conditions but the point is is is that. Just because you have an adverse events that doesn't mean it's from the vaccine first of all that patient may have received placebo. And there are adverse events that do work for all the time the question is if the investigators see something bets on usual. Then they want to explore more they want to take their time and they want to make the right decision before reopening the trial again. I also sail right. The darkest of the pandemic what do you make of that prediction. I do unfortunately agree with doctor poster homes point about this remember something we are seeing near 60000. Cases we were closer to 70000. Cases. On Friday. And winter is coming that is a deadly combination our baseline is way too high we know that this virus in what was indoor transmission one study showed an increase relative risk of nearly twenty fold. With indoor transmission compare to outdoor transmission. I'm really war and I do believe that it's possible that we could have over a 100000 cases. But DA and that could mean that we. Approach 2000 deaths today. If that's true we're soon going to see more deaths from cold at nineteen in the United States than in World War II in the US that is a real problem. That is for sure and and now we're looking at the holiday is the cold weather and flu season. What are your big concerns what do we need to know especially for people who really want to see their families. So Diane we know that indoor transmission. Is what's going to be driving the virus as winter approaches what that means is we help the physically distance. Masks inside we've talked a lot about wearing masks outside but wearing masks inside as critical. And trying to decrease mobility. And that's real problem. Where as Thanksgiving is approaching and at the time of the year when we want families to come together and to be close and to hog but these are all the things. That fuel. Corporate nineteen transmission. I know there's nothing perfect but if you sit far apart at a larger table if you open the windows to increase ventilation Nia how much of risk does that mitigate. Well I'm really glad you mentioned optimizing ventilation because that's really important as we move indoors there are studies that have shown just by opening windows six inches you can really a -- improve the efficiency of the ventilation in the room that's important to distancing the masking except for when your eating or drinking. These are all very important also limiting the crowd size is important. And testing. Remember testing. Before anyone enters especially if you're mixing bubbles that's very important but remember a negative cast doesn't give you the license to take off the mask. They get close to someone for extended periods of time but because we know testing is not perfect and I talked to Tyler we appreciate your time is always thank you. Thanks thing.

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{"duration":"5:20","description":"Plus, how to stay healthy going into the colder months and the holiday season.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"73715886","title":"Infectious disease expert explains what happens when a vaccine trial is paused","url":"/US/video/infectious-disease-expert-explains-vaccine-trial-paused-73715886"}