4 injured in Wisconsin workplace shooting

The shooting was at WTS Paradigm, a software company where the suspect worked.
1:15 | 09/19/18

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Transcript for 4 injured in Wisconsin workplace shooting
Calls were of an act of sugar. Middleton police officers were dispatched the county sheriff's offices officers deputy is we're also requested to assessed. They arrive very quickly and I commuted timeline later relate that within minutes. They went inside. And getting gates the suspect. There were four officers that fired their weapons at the suspect the suspect is deceased. We will not be releasing his name at this time. That would be up to the medical examiner and obviously a medical examiner. Would need to notify the family in order to do that. There are three other people who were wounded seriously. Were taken to Oslo we don't have an update. There conditions other than to tie and those are serious injuries. There's a fourth person that received what I would describe his degrees in injury. That did go to the hospital but again that injury is not not that's new here. To spearhead a pistol. Some automatic pistol we're told that he had a number magazines after magazines and so on. That other men don't you know it will not an assault rifle for instance. But I don't know that.

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{"duration":"1:15","description":"The shooting was at WTS Paradigm, a software company where the suspect worked.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"57945700","title":"4 injured in Wisconsin workplace shooting","url":"/US/video/injured-wisconsin-workplace-shooting-57945700"}