Inside the Archives of Hallmark's Greeting Card History

Take a rare look inside Hallmark's priceless collection in Kansas City, MO.
3:37 | 12/22/16

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Transcript for Inside the Archives of Hallmark's Greeting Card History
I was in the valley and her eyes. It's one analyst eat collections that document issued greeting card. And probably one of the largest with more on that hat as meaning reading our back. I went back over my ears now. Fast we are here the daily eight ones let and it's not just art history. And softness in the city's history and there history. I'm definitely an are collections just seen men so amount of products and documentation that they have over the years. Sometimes it can be daunting we have a small team but it worked very well together here evils you. Continued the tradition and I'm preserving our history but then also making it available to our designers. And other employees more research purposes and then also for inspirational purposes. For product development. I know we can and cast and an anthropology and primarily hesitant and downs. Some nights you wanted to be an end bar and somehow at history and my career path. It all starts with the first printing Christmas card. We have an example that here. Through 1843. Analysts designs hi John how hot forcefully request racer Henry hall he wanted a way to communicate well wishes. At Christmas fees and points and he request and have a thousand different Christmas cards printed and on those thousand carts prince and there's only twelve being down in existence today. And hallmark actually has two copies at that particular car. Printing greeting cards is really a modern invention. What many people don't now as early Christmas cards for actually based on Valentine's designs. Several of these valentines designs originally featured roses. But the sentiment was simply changed and it's has a happy. These early Christmas cards that we have in our collection actually done by adjournment and a grand list. He paints the unites states and really not treating heart disease this country for hallmarks practices. Have we started selling postcards and so these are the earliest post cards that contract carried. As very flat face postcards we branch and then carrying greeting cards. And from here we have some greeting cards throughout the decades. Of friendly their eighties and early fifties. It really showcases Christmas cards from Tynes hear it. Here we have a card. That's actually address to the milkman. Ferry sign of the times but then moving forward we also have cards. That are geared towards other consumers here we have AM. Same sex married couple. We're partnership. Card available for them. There's always and that need to communicate. And green cards as an excuse now and especially as we know more expected did you blame us. Am we're seeing warm arcade fire and chest head and pulling back and providing greeting cards. Because he's you have that you know hand delivered car every seat in the mail and it really showcases Akerson spots.

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{"duration":"3:37","description":"Take a rare look inside Hallmark's priceless collection in Kansas City, MO.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"44334041","title":"Inside the Archives of Hallmark's Greeting Card History","url":"/US/video/inside-archives-hallmarks-greeting-card-history-44334041"}