Inside the Horse Barns at Belmont Park

ABC News' Charli James takes us on a tour of the stables with Glen Kozak from the New York Racing Association.
11:42 | 06/05/15

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Transcript for Inside the Horse Barns at Belmont Park
One. Attorney James here for ABC news coaster and we are there aren't as Belmont park. Another big races just a day away but we're gonna go inside the Barnes and horses and joining us give us a little cooler in. Fashion he is the vice president of facilities and racing surfaces and in New York racing association's. Let's go inside and theft. So American fare I was playing in her. Had mentioned that he called these barns near Belmont the risk compared to other armed. Can you tell a little bit about what makes you. They would watch these poems. Crucible we re and it renovated blues what effect here is horse that's. You gotta start coming citrus trees. What makes a difference here is they're bigger stalls and what most parents have cities are. Ten by fourteen to work ten by twelve stalls and when we've done the renovations here. What we've tried to do is to think of all the CB aspects of the horses so. We've got rubberized flooring in the soles is drainage in the stalls. Plastics other horses can't issue. Aluminum door locks against of the horses don't shoe. Rubberized walls on a shared room where the horses walked out of there cooling down. Concrete catwalk over here where. So can be stored outside temperature so it's certainly a lot a lot of thought went into the work that took place this winter here. And we're lucky enough to do five forms and a it shows and is great to hear somebody like mr. effort from him. And recognize all the hard work. It places faster. And how many horses hat travel. Home owners should all right now the preakness and a in town. Sources. American. He showed on Tuesday zone. Each force personality. Is. Evil learns. It this way view to me you or worse. He either. An environment that there house them to worry environment. Connection with the American girl while it was nice enough homeless man is born. To see it's all here. Yeah. The pictures there agree anybody has a little horse sense realizes you know how important this office. I need my jacket. Hateful people. And they. Can't control of the training. In Oregon and what this is. Is there operation in here I mean facilities form I wrote will help to accommodate them but I mean you can see more manicured and taking care of yourself on the trainers I mean this is their investment and this is their livelihood here so. They certainly put a lot of time and effort to everything they learn the personality. And what works. Horses to keep them happy. You'll see. Whether it's toys whether balls something to keep them active and to keep their minds you know. Fresh. Look let's not down on the net so people can see a little more of what it looks like here. And let us security here. Getting a lot of its. And it there were a lot of money what the security look. Sure there is a protocol S where the gaming commission or how old. Our races horses are running in Clark street one million dollar races on Alex. And we will provide security. For. At a point which the state determined. And 124 hours. Ago polls has ovaries. We also have an assembly born here at Belmont park. Which all horses Hillary bars and Jerusalem or go to race him like what happened. Basically 45 minutes before the race are required to go to the assembly bar where they can't possibly be drug tested or. It's easier to tested. In an under surveillance with cameras as well as security and monitored that point 21 thing you it's. Let's just take a look inside them anything coming through the heart happen. And that's one of the biggest features besides those old Thelma. And by working souls that are usually in my pencil. Were people. Phase three double the size of cars just things. Insistence goals on either side. As well as we have he lives and souls. Sprinkler system. All electric and here is Wellesley to immediately as well of course the shipping artists. And now so even when blankets on and everything it helps to have. Additionally the plan so we've tried to go green as well compound fluorescence all souls. You know so we're trying to do and as far as the reduction in maintenance room Matt Salmon parent. It's like a trainer her funny side view. What 2003 he's figure actors. He's so tell me what you've done here hearings on Clarence. Are and what have you done battle. Yeah well we. One thing Walter. Robert Stickler. Submitted to. We giants is my short as possible. There have been many. I. Sat with their AM at least be. He. This happens. Themselves. It also helps circulate. And got out roaming the prairie there's little small. Those numbers does have some interesting requests and works. We've been hearing some. Animals that travel agent hand in animosities pygmy goats horses in here that you that we do not want marksman. And quirky personality. We do I'm thinking of and the other side of the mind. Of course you have a little something special here so. We've had news. Yeah. She likes it looks like books and it was very happy. Different courses and Friday. Yes but that. Doesn't work out pretty good for some ties that I just apparently. That tells the story here. There's a couple of girls. That day worker mr. repeated landowners and they just swear by doing this when we said Larson a farm yeah. They can post operative care or something like that and they're going to be stalled out now and they're going to be strong balance. Life. And here's you. New York and and that's. This find out. These things like this place lamb how many jobs might not. I just toys are still lives. One of the twisted back well they recommended claim that hurts. Gypsies or rockets could be struck him. She was like. It's very very nervous she would weed backer board decision locker stall things like. And it's virtually no doubt Florida. We had yeah. We have never second city girls. Please visit. And how we did Taylor where he really good things easier than all the bad news I don't know what it calls. How is it. It's your call in and put. He's a hero. But then yeah she got here really happened here. We have in the area here. Okay. Dollars. It's stored there. Cheers applause. Number system linking gun out interesting yeah. You're. Yeah there's it was just a miracle this because she was. His only chance. Always good. Warriors. How many do you have or anything. Look good luck good to finally bring you back here exactly when mark. And full low down. Yeah whose lives. Eight. I'm learning I'm were sparse and the city aren't. I have yeah. Sure we'll crown possibilities. Are you seeing more. Excitement more interest this year then you can use. Sure I mean we've been working. Tries or triple crowns here potential issues. And a nice thing is certain draws more attention to use media. Learn more attention to the race for sure. And it does levels excitement this. Please if you're reading and got out there. Series and it looks like the weather's kind of cooperation sergeant is fantastic ball certainly there should be in good shape for tomorrow. Thank you so and are taking us inside me think you can find a lot of coverage announced online. You can see more about fountains. The winner of the Triple Crown and assist in graphics. I'm. Love how lucky this course would be Americans apparently he deafening yes and thanks much. You all on Twitter I have always ask Charlie yeah markets. And things.

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{"duration":"11:42","description":"ABC News' Charli James takes us on a tour of the stables with Glen Kozak from the New York Racing Association. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"31560136","title":"Inside the Horse Barns at Belmont Park","url":"/US/video/inside-horse-barns-belmont-park-31560136"}