An Inside Look at the Making of Madaya Mom

Go behind the scenes of the ABC News/Marvel digital comic.
14:36 | 10/03/16

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Transcript for An Inside Look at the Making of Madaya Mom
Superheroes. Are. Not this in greater powers. There. Super through issues. The hearts. Let's look I've really come to you is. An extraordinary. Some news house life. Has been. An awful scenes situation and starvation situation into an opportunity to hear a voice. That people. We're putting our best people fourth. To do what we view was being the work of journalist were cameras can't go we could do you think through understand war because you. Basically school clothes every day she has to worry about where her next union is the tree coming from. The sky's the limit with. Hope that this dialogue project will prove that. Real superheroes. To exist. In. When Diana has become the symbol of the brutal tactic of seating and this is a passive but cruel and almost medieval instrument of war starving your enemy. And aid agencies say conditions in the rebel held town are extremely di. Packets of salt handed out he spool from trees. This woman says that her children haven't had any grants for four months we. Mathias and Middletown and mountain on the border between Lebanon and Syria. Government forces and their allies including. Lebanese on. What has happened it's changing the tone of my diet since July 21 in the government planes then EE talent sent us. Fighters affiliated we have in this in this some of his top actually called. That stuff. Now people into town claims that most of Z fighters that I actually left the town and that anyways they were her only local people who have taken up arms to defend the town from what they perceive to me in the interim government will. There was gains you whereby. Fighters in the town. Were evacuated and as I only left disease and non combatants women and children but that doesn't seem to have two lifting of this huge even though that was part of the team him. Mr. unrelenting and missed this is welcome. In January when we started seeing on social media pretty devastating pictures of any extremely emaciated. Children and even some things haven't starve to death we started thinking how can mean tell the story in the ways that are. Audience back home in the US company to. She's dreamed. No media has been able to get into the town since this each started. The only way we'd gotten any kind of news out of that town is through activists who've been posting online on social media. We had spent a few weeks negotiating an access. Tumor Diana as they granted us access and permission to go up to the Diana but unfortunately once her teen got to the outskirts of the town. They were turning back in out again. I'm so we had to get creates. Maybe we went about finding that I imam. Was through typing in issue our long standing. Reliable two way street sources. And then started another process of establishing trust and we've from the dialogue herself. Just. The dialogue was understandably. Quite anxious about sticky being a whistle blower in a situation where she is besieged. So we had to make sure that we could assure her that her identity which he protected. And that means that not endanger her or her and that annually through reporting. This is a woman who was in her thirties early thirties. And she has five children it shifts to care for alongside her husband. And every day she Heston. Worry about where her next Meehan is lit tree coming from. Text messages ended up being the most practical means of communication between us and I can't even count the number of messages read exchange sephardic as we started talking in mid January and to and to be honest we haven't stopped. The year. Almost on a daily basis. One day we were texting and there was a meeting of the UN united nations Security Council in which he. He sieges. Syria. We're being discussed and unfortunately there was no lenient decision that was reached at the end of that meeting and I basically world powers. And she texted me. In a one of the scene rare moments of true anger that I felt from her and true exasperation. And she told me that. Basically she felt that the world just didn't care that they see as key vote did not matter. That there are start basin and their hardship. Just didn't register it the world's consciousness. And she was asking me. Why is why isn't this she and her kids are not important that their life is not important and of course I don't have these sensors. Effect. Any thoughts of the best way to communicate what's happened in the Diana we're going through was to keep the digital diaries true. Based on which it expects and so we built what we call you know the mud die a moment diary. For seven days every day we would published direct quotes but she sent us pictures videos that described her daily life. She feels like eighty be seen is. Her connection to the one day be re sitting trying to figure out. How to tell the serious story in differently and it can pending ways anyways it and get our audience engaged despite the lack of visual materials. And we started thinking about graft. And so we were able to get in touch with marvel and gets the idea of turning the materials that we got out of time from from the dive on into. Comic book. I reading wasn't sure what to expect because Marvin and me Diane mom are not necessary need natural. A natural fit. But once we got in and we did he exit the pits Dane word extremely enthusiastic in actually extremely informed. On what was happening in Syria. To most people marvel comic books things. The avengers Spider-Man it's huge. Over sized characters in spandex resolve the problems to punching each other and that's true to a degree but the fact of the matter so much more that. We are not a genre were medium we are a way of storytelling. Marvel comic books are spanned every genre known to man and why not journalist. My background is in journalism as a journalist for things and I think it's very much affected how it. It's always important to me that our comic books reflect the world. Outside you would deal. Was brought tore tension that there was someone who was. Putting together diary installments. And a part of the world that you just can't get you. There are many different types of heroes I think that's what they see Madonna and mom. A saw a tremendous opportunity for us to help this woman. Tell our story. Well we chose. Dalembert Hologic to draw. This project. Certainly he's one of the most skilled artist. We thought he would bring. A level of authenticity. To the page because he is a societal himself. Agricultural marveled with the offer goods I would draw of this comic book of boats a woman. Apparently trapped in the Syria. You think you'll understand war the streets. Basically asking what clothes. And you realize it's it's not even close to this. Manslaughter brokaw's. To nineteen network. I was eighteen. Time. And it filled flick. You know world pulling apart. You know we knew who. To sleep at to. You'd be explosions before. It was constant alarms. Go for your strengths and I think it was really. Pointless way of living. The worst thing about the war is did you finally. Except this real is this just survive. Struck me most was the way that she describes this. This every day horror or weakness existence. After carefully read through messages it's fiercely. Which of the portrait. It's. It's really devastating to me it's a mother. It's a mother. With children and throw her words used in that. The world doesn't exists the horror doesn't exist the hope for the west and to Ream. Is an important and it's just that the at this point she's just mother. And that's probably the most beautiful thing in that moment. Yeah. Yeah. Specific about was covered there's no real script. There are only. Messages that. One mom sends out from CB. And based upon that I had to the streets. Life of this human error apparently. It is important that. The stories. Visualize because. No reports are coming though no TV coverage nothing. Religious and obstructs. War somewhere far away and everybody knows about but no one knows anything about it. I wanted to show with us as something. This really distant from us as we as we really experienced these people terrorists somewhere out there. Within our TV sets so far world that we don't belong to see that there are very very few pedals where we're up close them. We're always looking from afar. We are very distant from their situation room I was hoping to to help people realist it's we really don't care. This mind. Maybe. So to care. Car. I'm facing even able to send her to of the panels that we've gotten. And she's just been blown away she feels like down the board has Mimi. Meals. He chairs of the people. On the ions in the town so it's been really really lovely seeing her reaction. I think from the time on that is actually a classic superheroes. The definition we hero superhero with someone who's able to rise above circumstances. That seemed to be under the circumstances that we. Crush most people must arm fits within this. Because she finds strength to him. Human. To be. I'm heartened to if you think of all the superheroes they are normal people that so overcome and then sensors and our. Turn it into something positive and that's exactly what she's done. This is an dialogue she's having ruled. Listen to me I speak for more than just possible. Real super true. Who exist.

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{"duration":"14:36","description":"Go behind the scenes of the ABC News/Marvel digital comic.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"42522543","title":"An Inside Look at the Making of Madaya Mom","url":"/US/video/inside-making-madaya-mom-42522543"}