Inside look at the Secret Service

The Secret Service gives a look at their forensic science capabilities.
2:21 | 10/23/19

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Transcript for Inside look at the Secret Service
Off finally today we get a rare look inside the US Secret Service. And their forensics lab here in Washington today the agency gave reporters a closer look at. How agents who are not protecting the president are actually tracking down counterfeiters. And other financial scammer is in our producer Bobby Galen. I was there Bobby will quickly tell us know what you saw. Some of the most surprising things that I saw that the secret service employees is that they can track. Did you think big technical ink tracking. And it's where they take suspicious letters a suspicious packages. And they take that ink whether that was written with a ballpoint pen that contract a year from now ink winner when he was made and the contract got printer ink as well so they can. I detect that device and and best source to the source let's take a little look at what you see it sought today. That was in the laboratory we wrote to look in a fingerprint examinations. DNA collection. Question documents such as handwriting where. Driver's license and lower credit card authentication. With average digital forensics team represented so their looking in cell phones are hard drives. Are ATM or gas pumps can be devices that would steal your credit card information and so we're ever changing. Our capabilities and want to makes her our investigators know. Well we can do to help them solve their cases. May of the world's largest in library at the Secret Service fun fact actually behind. Are you could see all the bottles and ink that they have to try to do exactly what you're talking about Trace these things back. Yeah exactly. Eight as as you said this is the biggest a library in the world and they kind of showed me around the rest of the wrestle Glavine. Another one of the biggest biggest problems of the Secret Service a showcase today was that it was a ATM and act gas pump skimming measuring. Big issue and that is were criminals. Use these kind of plastic coverings on the on the credit card reader and they can take your information. Another thing that the public can look for of these pinhole cameras on in these systems that can watch you actually putting your pin number sub group. The biggest deterrent that does he services are recommending to the public is up here with cash. Pay with cash are either senator must have really interest you arsenic the Secret Service is protecting the president which is a large part of their duty would of course. I didn't lead the charge of finding financial scams and also counterfeiters and lead agency on that Bobby Dylan thanks for giving us a close look.

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{"duration":"2:21","description":"The Secret Service gives a look at their forensic science capabilities.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"66482529","title":"Inside look at the Secret Service","url":"/US/video/inside-secret-service-66482529"}