Insurrection hearings show conflicting timelines on National Guard response

Capitol police now say they're beefing up security ahead of threats of violence on March 4.
5:51 | 03/03/21

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Transcript for Insurrection hearings show conflicting timelines on National Guard response
Global affairs correspondent Martha Raddatz joins me now. For more on all of this out markets ups first what do you make of these conflicting time lines. I think you know at first of all it is very difficult it is a very complicated process to Cullen the DC guard because DC is is not a state so there there is a chain of command there that they have to follow. But the Pentagon will say that they actually gave the approval. After two and a half hours after some. And many many calls. So there is only. Little consulate there about exactly when that call came and exactly. When they were given the approval. But one of the things I really want to point out Diane is is I think people think of the National Guard can just race out there and get their riot gear and and be on the steps of the capitol it really doesn't work that way with the national guard's first of all they are generally doing humanitarian missions because they hadn't been called up in great numbers because mayor browser decided she wanted 340. DC National Guard just to do traffic and and it's horrible event happened they're not. Quite active duty. Quick military response these are citizen soldiers. So you you call up the National Guard in you have to gather people from their homes from their jobs so that's why there was a delay the -- clearly also a delay in giving that order and those conflicting accounts within about a half an hour up each other as well. And Martha major general walker also pointed out that there are conversations about the optics of having. To guard their dressed in their uniforms with their equipment and those conversations he's had did it happen over the summer. I I don't think they did happen over the summer they didn't happen it all over the summer with with tags out BLM protests and and the re action to back. I remember standing on the Lincoln Memorial taking some photographs of national gar fully kidded out in their body armor and everything else and it's true the military did not write the optics of baton or did this city in in many ways this was probably. An over correction to acting didn't want that image again. But they also. Didn't realize what was going to happen and we have to remember this as he she huge intelligence failures well what happened that day on on January 6. So the and pentagon official in never in the Pentagon said he didn't like the optics that doesn't sound like a great response. Given the fact that the capital was being overrun at that point but eventually it got to be acting secretary of defense I know the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff was involved we gotta get. More National Guard up they are to help out law enforcement but from my own perspective that day. On Capitol Hill auction it was a lack of law enforcement in general on Capitol Hill just having no idea. What they were about to face and really truly being so overwhelmed and and as we now those capitol police officers metropolitan police officers and others. Who tried to keep those rioters back does insurrection us back. Were very brave very courageous. As a whole and it was that lack of numbers are where they were overwhelmed and when the National Guard did finally show up and I think was about 5530. In the evening. They were very organized and by man and a lot of the people have obviously laughed. But. They quickly took control. And Martha capitol police now say that they're beefing up security ahead of more potential violence on March 4 when we know about. Well yes there are some bulletins about that I. I think in many ways this is down trying to be extra careful they've got some intelligence in and we don't know much more about. Out that intelligence and that that there could be some action tomorrow people so called 3% chairs a militia group trying to take over the capital trying to breach those stances and those barriers that they put out. Around the perimeter of their the capital and the National Guard trying to overwhelm them as well I don't think there is a great deal of concern at this point they wanna be extra careful and make sure they do get those bulletins out because there was a bulletin that didn't make it out to chain of command very far on January 6 and march want to ask you about Iraq too because we are seeing some new video now the launch site. The rockets that targeted an Iraqi base hosting American troops overnight what do we know about this attack so far. There are a approximately ten rockets that landed at Alice argue. Air base. We don't know who did it but in the past it has been an Iranian backed militias one of them is saying no it wasn't us. That happens to be there one. That the US. House get a counter attacks for something they did that's. A couple of weeks ago where they attacked an American base and a contractor who was working for the Americans was killed. An American several American contractors were wounded as well as a service member was wounded she. And president Biden eaten in his first. Order of an attack since becoming president. Launched an attack a counterattack on them that was in Syria. And now all president Biden is said you know be careful don't don't come back and try this again and yet somebody did and I think one is in just to do Diana's look at Iran. And Iran and Iran in backed militias there are several people who do not want to engage with the United States who do not want to get back in net and nuclear deal. So they're kind of pushing. The Americans are pushing. The US to perhaps overreact. To me Martha Raddatz always great to have you Martha thank you. Thanks stand.

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{"duration":"5:51","description":"Capitol police now say they're beefing up security ahead of threats of violence on March 4. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"76236193","title":"Insurrection hearings show conflicting timelines on National Guard response","url":"/US/video/insurrection-hearings-show-conflicting-timelines-national-guard-response-76236193"}