Internet Celebrity Suspected in Lawyer's Death

N.J. police are looking for "Kai," a man who gained fame by using a hatchet to save a woman's life.
1:58 | 05/16/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Internet Celebrity Suspected in Lawyer's Death
Industries reporter Philip Roth live in Elizabeth on this exclusive story filled. And can we don't work Davis exclusive story now for a couple of days we've been talking to authorities we can now. Report exclusively that there has been an arrest warrant issued in the murder. The the Clark good man that you -- -- popular attorney Joseph Duffy was found a dead in his home Monday night now authorities have issued an arrest warrant. Wait until you hear. Who they are looking for this -- -- story that goes from Fresno California all the way Dick Clark New Jersey authorities are looking for a man known as Caleb Lawrence McGill Marie. You might also know him as -- the hatchet wielding. Hitchhiker he was a YouTube sensation. Even made Jimmy Kimmel show after he was a hero out and president we took a ride remand. Who apparently lost it tried to kill another man with his car -- grabbed a hatchet out of his. Backpack that he had stopped. The killing of this man became a hero even went to court out and president testified. Against the man he saved a man's -- he became this YouTube sensation. And made the rounds on the talk shows and now. Three months later after becoming a hero in Fresno California. Authorities say he wound -- in Clark New Jersey in mr. dealt these home. And somehow is responsible for his death we do it -- to -- died from blunt force trauma there was a welfare check authorities went to his house. That to check on him when they got there he was dead now just a couple of days later they are looking for this. Hide he goes by several different names but he's mostly known as -- he has a FaceBook page we'll get more into -- a little bit later on in the day. They say he's probably -- his long hair now -- a shorter hair he should be considered. Armed and dangerous they don't know weary as he relies on. Strangers the generosity of strangers for food and lodging remember he's a hitchhiker he could be anywhere but they have issued an arrest warrant for him.

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{"id":19194848,"title":"Internet Celebrity Suspected in Lawyer's Death","duration":"1:58","description":"N.J. police are looking for \"Kai,\" a man who gained fame by using a hatchet to save a woman's life.","url":"/US/video/internet-celebrity-suspected-in-lawyers-death-19194848","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}