Investigators Seek Motive for Nevada School Shooting

Police release the latest details in the middle school shooting that left 2 dead.
3:00 | 10/22/13

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Transcript for Investigators Seek Motive for Nevada School Shooting
This is a special room. I'm -- -- New York this ABC news digital special report a student. A semi automatic weapon and two fatalities. Investigators in sparks Nevada are not trying to figure out why middle school student brought handgun to school and opened fire -- and a teacher. And wounding two of the students before he was taken down 39 -- Today's stories of heroism emerging after gunshots pierced -- -- bottom middle school minutes before Monday's morning bow at SP eight. -- is just being suspended for her at the and a sparks middle school math teacher tried to stop the boy with a gun after he managed to shoot a boy in the shoulder. I consider spark capital they have at least I don't. That math teacher Michael Lansbury of 45 year old former US marine. Today being hailed a hero he was shot in the chest and killed by the gunman as he tried to reportedly getting him to lay down his weapon. Protecting the other students. The gunman dressed in a school uniform. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Students some who didn't even know the teacher ran over to help. We did he is still getting this student gunman went inside shooting another boy in the stomach before fatally shooting himself. The two students shot and wounded remain in stable condition administrators have canceled school for the rest of the week. As for the slain teacher he leaves behind a wife and two step daughters his brother finding comfort in the outpouring of support. To me that tells me that it touched somebody's heart. And means a loss means a lot. Police -- interview the roughly twenty to thirty witnesses who were -- -- seen an attempt to figure out the suspect's motive. And whether he had specific targets in mind. -- nine and ABC news New York. And right now authorities are holding a news conference -- latest on the investigation. Let's go their lives. Nightmarish chief of police for the -- of high school district. The sparks middle school staff member is deceased has been confirmed his teacher mr. Michael Lansbury. Mr. Lansbury started with the school district in 2001 a trainer middle school as a teacher there. He started his teaching career sparks middle school in 2006. And is currently with the math teacher at that school. Mr. Lansbury is a very respected teacher by his -- there really respect and also by the students that attended sparks middle school. He also coached the boys' basketball and the girls volleyball team -- sparks middle school. He even found time to -- the girl's soccer team over at sparks high school the last couple years. During the incident after the first shooting student was shot mr. -- very calmly walked towards the shooter. Putting his hands up in his -- motion to try to stop the individual's actions mr. Lansbury was fatally shot in the chest. Mr. -- very heroic actions by stepping towards a shooter allowed time for other students on a plate or an area to flee the area. Mr. -- -- not only serves. That's in the school district but he also served his country as a marine. And he also was a he also is a member of the guard -- after army National Guard. The National Guard will be -- a truck that press conference today at twelve noon. At -- -- senator. They're gonna hold their own press conference their fallen heroes well. I cannot thank the courageous actions of the students -- sparks middle school during this incident along with the staff. That the procedures that are in place that the staff -- on did not allow the shooter entered the school. What they did. Along with the students of the school I cannot thank them enough for what they've done. Would like to do at this time now turned over to superintendent Pedro Martinez two. Answer some further statements. Good morning everyone. This is going to be a long process. Today EPA infects 30 yesterday evening. We where -- -- -- school. We had over twenty professionals there counselors therapists -- from our district in the community. I can tell -- there was a full house we had many children there many of them that I'm actually where witnesses. And and the healing process is going to be along one. When I think all of the staff. And and the dedication. But this is a tragedy. And it's gonna take us awhile to to heal from a I cannot. Expressed. My appreciate enough appreciation for -- missed the last very he truly is a hero. As to the chief said he was a beloved teacher. Beloved father my condolences to his wife to his mother to his children. To his siblings. You will not be forgotten. I want I also think -- of the law enforcement agencies who have been working with us from the very beginning. This is not then. Washington coming incident has not been a school district -- it has been a community incident. And the sparks police the Reno police. The -- -- sheriff's department. Come all of us have been working together. I just want to remind you this is the action and one student. And let's not forget that that's a tragedy for that family as well. But -- once stood and our schools are safe. There's nothing more important to our community into our schools and safety. And -- this is this is the same community that just recently you know our Spanish springs high school had just put was a finalist in the and the Katy Perry contests it's the same community. -- community that we -- 2000 children come together. To put that video and and and I saw the pride of the community is the same community. So please. Just continue to to be with us someone I think you are -- support -- -- outpouring. Tomorrow we will start school again and -- -- And we were we're gonna bring in the staff slowly into sparks middle school. And and we'll give you more detours and there's that we might be planning some events also with the staff and the children -- -- -- used to begin to begin the healing process. Thank you -- -- right now Chris asked us to come up from the community foundation. Two -- -- -- of -- army gene is gonna come first thank you. Thank you all for being here they appreciated. First on its critics express my deepest condolences to the family of victims of yesterday's -- strategy tragedy. At sparks middle school. We have learned much more in the last 24 hours. No words. From a mayor. Can make them feel at peace today. That they should know they -- in our minds and hearts. And hope that gives them some comfort. -- want to say something to schoolchildren today. Sometimes bad things happen. And is up all is up to all of us to be strong and push forward. And know that goodness and love will trump the -- terrible events. That much -- -- of free will never forget. Don't be afraid to talk to your teachers. And your moms and dads and those you trust and love and what has -- -- yesterday. What to express my gratitude to our first responders our police fire medical personnel who arrived within moments of the first calls. I also want to thank the washoe county school district of the trustees and the superintendent. For their partnership and all the work they do that -- -- tremendous job yesterday of controlling a situation that was not an easy -- to control. Education as we all know it is the Paramount of this community. Sparks and our region remain committed to providing support going forward. We have made we have offerings we are offering some of our facilities -- counseling and support. We will do whatever is necessary to recover. This community knows that -- needs to know that we are united. And we will overcome this tragedy. I also want to acknowledge -- support from the state of Nevada and governors and the ball he personally called me yesterday from Israel. And offered the full support of his staff and his resources and also. Lieutenant governor Brian -- like he was also here yesterday we appreciate that. I also received many calls from our congressional people senator Reid senator Heller. Congressman -- -- they all reached out to us the president's office called me this morning and there was anything that they can do so I appreciate. All the support that's coming from a Washington DC. I also appreciate the work of washoe county city of Reno -- -- all the agencies who have stepped up to this sport this investigation. And the recovery phase which includes providing the support to wash -- county school district students and staff. I want you to know that sparks. Nevada. -- known as a community. Of families. This is an isolated and unfortunate incident. I want to assure our residents and families in our city and our schools -- -- And you heard that mr. askew will be coming up with the community foundation of western anatomy talking about a fund that's going to be putting together you can make donations to so. We'd appreciate any help it right there. The community is also invited to join a community per night this Thursday. October 24. At 6:30 PM at the sparks church of the -- -- 2200 el Rancho drive. -- will be a multi -- event. Led by student ministries from our community. And for more information please contact sparks and answering church at 3584066. Pastor -- -- Again thank you for being here today and I want to conclude my statement by. Taking but thanking our community for their continued support and may god bless all the families of the victims thank -- And that is the latest news conference on investigation. At the school shooting in sparks Nevada just outside of Reno yesterday. Where one shooter for her excuse me one victim a 45 year old teacher was shot and killed. Two other students are recovering from their injuries as well. And I want to bring an ABC's out stone and on this story as well and Alex do we got a little bit of additional information there and what do we know about where the suspect got the gun. -- now appears from what they just said Dan that the gun came from the shooters home not a surprise there if -- -- 111213. Years old. Where do you get a gun typically from the home in this case they believe the gun did come from the shooters parents' house. They said during this news conference that they are not going to release more information about the shooter. Because he is a minor at this point they want to talk to more students they want to try to figure out exactly what his background was. What may have motivated him the question here is still remains. What was -- motivations some students have said that. He was quiet that he had been bullied. We hear that quite -- after school shootings but. In this case if that was actually the motivation we don't know yet and obviously it is a community that is grief stricken and the school has been shut down for the rest of the week is that correct. The right now classes are canceled for the rest of this week it still a crime scene at the school they're still trying to figure out. Exactly what went on what the chain of events wise they now have a timeline of -- that you heard right there of how they believe this unfolded but they're still trying to figure out why. And exactly what happened so many questions and it's heartbreaking story BC's Alex down. In Los Angeles Alex thank you for that we do have a complete report on And on -- -- -- New York. -- this ABC news digital special report.

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{"id":20649618,"title":"Investigators Seek Motive for Nevada School Shooting","duration":"3:00","description":"Police release the latest details in the middle school shooting that left 2 dead.","url":"/US/video/investigators-seek-motive-nevada-school-shooting-20649618","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}