Jason Mraz on live music in the age of covid-19

Singer and actor Jason Mraz talks about how musicians are banding together to support independent venues.
5:21 | 10/15/20

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Transcript for Jason Mraz on live music in the age of covid-19
Co the nineteen pandemic has been especially tough on the music industry in general but especially live performers. Broadway is now projected to be shut down until June of two when he 21 those big award shows like last night's billboard music awards. Are being held an empty theaters and for small independent venues and up and coming artists the impacts. Are hitting even harder now musicians are banding together to support legislation to help get those venues through the pandemic. And we are very happy be joined by Jason Mraz himself to tell us all about that Jason welcome. Thank you so remarks it's good to be here so it's interesting you're holding that played milk about to tell you the last time I saw you in person. I was in the audience your final performance on Broadway in the musical waitress at San arbor Alice for the very special night for me I'm guessing even more so for you oh. How strange and sad that now here we are with Broadway shut. Down until June. Exactly any mention it's been hard for performers but behind the scenes. The crew kind of Broadway Show and the crew behind a touring acts is oftentimes much bigger than the performers that you see on stage so there's a lot of livelihoods have been affected by Friday shutting down the entertainment industry. Then turn and talk through that you know we saw a bit of that from the clips that we got those video diary has been and that's one of the things I want to ask you about it the people behind the scenes you know we all know your days we've seen you in concert I'm guessing you'll be okay. But there are so many more people behind just a person on stage. Absolutely lighting designers costume designers tech's greatest fly and then. You name it there's people all around you when you're in that auditorium there's people behind you beside you. Downstairs. That are all contributing to make those production happens so there are many many lives that are attached to the divide us unfortunately and those are people you know this is their prime. Primary income they're trying to put food on the table and there. You know what's it like to try to support people who are watching their livelihood. Fill out this way. This fear I'd like I've been activated fortunate position where all my crew members on my team we can just Tennessee Titans fingers crossed we knew back on the road soon but my heart certainly goes out to those who. Live paycheck to paycheck the ushers in the aisles those who work in the ticket office those really help probably get their audiences inside and keep those shows on. You know everyone's having to be actually created luckily we are a creative industry. This weekend we've larceny SOS save our stages festival which is going to be helping. Many many small venues across the country. Keep their doors open India bonuses to pay their staff which is. So many many type of virtual events to still get their audiences involved in men and still gifts and employment to those who work in the industry. And that Jason it's Terry Moran got a I'm 24 year old daughter she's just started she gig and around of open Mike night second I think all of that shut down to and I wondered if you had. A word for young people coming up. Who are really being stymied because they can't do you know get their music out there reach out to an audience collaborated with the each others is harder for. It is it is I mean luckily. As a creator you can go within and get the experience of the music gets the reward containing music is the reward. But music also requires listener or ship it requires an audience acquires an observer and so yes we are missing our audiences we're missing our collaborations. If there's some of those are lucky enough to have these cameras and a great Wi-Fi connections and great friend unfortunately I think that's just a small percentage. Those who to have that luxury I think there's a lot of people without the connection I'm hoping that the music being the reward itself. The music that's gonna come out of this I think is going to be it's very important music for the next generation I think we're going to be hearings and really profound. Creations. The deathly sounds like a big bright spot in all of this and also the good that people like you were doing in and figure out long. Came outlook for the good came out and junior did very well the bid bulletin board charts I'm sure you could have made a lot of money off that that you chose to donate your profits to charity why. That's right. You know the nonprofit sectors been hit really hard you know if this last administration rolled back. A lot of budget cuts for everybody from the environmental education and so. The nonprofit sector has to step forget everything you can to protect the programs and the people that we so love and the people who eventually will participate in this very industry so. When mountain look pretty good came out. I sit. I've got funny how can I use this as to spotlight the good in the world and so far six different organizations have been the recipient of the royalties on that record. Some national organizations like the peak equal justice initiative. I'm grassroots loft project criminal justice reform in the near San Diego's San Diego young artists music academy. Com and these are these are black owned organizations as well that that really needed. It's some funding and momentum behind this movement to make sure we keep going in the right direction. All right Jason whereas we appreciate your time we're looking forward to seeing you wanna say breast ages festival this Saturday thanks Jason. Thank you.

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{"duration":"5:21","description":"Singer and actor Jason Mraz talks about how musicians are banding together to support independent venues.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"73640323","title":"Jason Mraz on live music in the age of covid-19 ","url":"/US/video/jason-mraz-live-music-age-covid-19-73640323"}