Jeffrey Epstein arrested on charges of sex trafficking, conspiracy

Police said the financier has been accused of sexual misconduct spanning 11 years involving 40 possible victims.
4:21 | 07/08/19

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Transcript for Jeffrey Epstein arrested on charges of sex trafficking, conspiracy
And that you may or may not know the name Jeffrey Epstein at well he's a registered sex offender he was arrested on Saturday in an undercover operation. For alleged sex trafficking of minor girls in Florida. In new York and today he's in a federal court in Manhattan so wanna go to air deter ski for more. Aaron I just what you term mine does you know give us. Jeffrey Epstein is a multi millionaire who hobnobbing with the powerful and the famous his cohorts included Donald Trump at one point. President Clinton at one point and Prince Andrew. But now he is facing much different circumstances. Until now he has been living rather lavish lifestyle. Hedge fund finance here. Multi millionaire but he has long faced accusations of sexual misconduct and in fact. For eleven years now he has faced accusations that he sexually abused underage girls at his homes in Florida and here in New York. Prosecutors took one run Adam eleven years ago he entered into a non prosecution agreement that was quite controversial at the time. And here we are back again federal prosecutor federal prosecutors in New York. Have just returned a two count indictment charging him with sex trafficking and sex trafficking conspiracy. Yes so as you mentioned them some of these charges date back. Almost over a decade ago. Get the indictment says that from 2002 to 2005. Jeffrey Epstein recruited under age girls for sex acts at his homes here in Manhattan and in Palm Beach, Florida. And he apparently had a constant. Sexual needs because the indictment also says. Today he was at the center of an effort to recruit under age girls paying other women to find girls from all over the world. Fly them. Two New York court of Florida. Purportedly for massages and that's that's it but eventually be indictment says. Those massage his ex escalated into full on sex acts with these underage girls baby. Three dozen of them over this three year period. And and you mentioned on the president's number earlier is his connection with him going to come into play during this this trial. There's no accusation that that president trump for President Clinton or Prince Andrew or any of his friends had done anything wrong here but. The non prosecution agreement that he entered into back in 2008 was arranged by Ben US attorney Alex Acosta in Miami. A Costas now of course president trumps labor secretary. And the deal has come under fire because his victims have said. It doesn't represent any justice and allow him to plead to lesser state charges. Serve up about a year in a state jail register as a sex offender. But compared to what he might have otherwise face. He got off lightly now the feds are taking another run at him and he his his attorneys may well argue double jeopardy. But the prosecutors here in New York are confident that they have him on these two charges of sex trafficking and sex trafficking conspiracy. I read I want to thank you Aaron right there in new York and we have some more updates on there was a presser today where we were able to hear from. US attorney for the southern district of New York the take a listen. The alleged behavior shocks the conscience. And while the charged conduct. Is from a number of years ago. It is still profoundly important to the many alleged victims. Now young women. They deserve their day in court. We are proud to be standing up for them by bringing this indictment. Combating sex trafficking and exploitation of children. This a priority for this office and for the Department of Justice. Has the sexual abuse of a minor. Can have devastating effects on victims. Often lasting for years. That is why my office will not rest. Until perpetrators of these types of crimes are brought to justice. Victims' voices. Including the many voices of experience alleged victims. Must be hurt. Some powerful words there's so we will definitely keep you update on the story throughout the day.

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{"duration":"4:21","description":"Police said the financier has been accused of sexual misconduct spanning 11 years involving 40 possible victims. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"64197462","title":"Jeffrey Epstein arrested on charges of sex trafficking, conspiracy","url":"/US/video/jeffrey-epstein-arrested-charges-sex-trafficking-conspiracy-64197462"}