What New Jersey lifting COVID-19 restrictions means for Atlantic City

Atlantic City Mayor Marty Small discusses how the new policies affect the city and its casinos.
3:54 | 05/04/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for What New Jersey lifting COVID-19 restrictions means for Atlantic City
And mayor Marty small of Atlantic City, New Jersey joins me now for more on the State's plan to reopen mayor what does this mean for Atlantic City where do you expect to see the biggest impact. Or yes. Oh aren't you disagree here and C Milan. And Asian who regrets she will receive. A waiver is wearing only beaten. Reading. An aids and used and engines. Rescue getting. Garnett and more honest and he's doing when you lose your seat when you're already shoulder. Armed you know we were due in movies and be ready. We. Need more polish immigrants in the luncheon. So how do you reassure residents and visitors that it's safe to lift these restrictions what's what date is this based on. Are. You an. Is an aura didn't show any. Store and our own Richard New Jersey is that we. Atlantic City isn't oral destination. Are we encourage carry money for the rest she so all I'm all odds weren't bad werder. Are speeding then you are. Aaron good Christian people back to work. What are in space or green initiatives are big game and we will look cultural role she'd energy. You won't won't be last year door eager enduring figured people mention our didn't do so. Where were you last see who's already risen. Net capacity limits are being lifted but the state is still going to require six feet of social distancing so how all the city enforce that. Our guests are we headed her brother and inconsiderate. You know Atlantic City who were why destination. You know I don't know where were read it you know. You know Smart. Umpire. Director of the service and our Washington works in his grasp. And we were heading her moody person you're you're so his feet. Saul where archers legal residents and we must wasn't. And on these days it's either we. Com law she easy grab on an honest we wouldn't do it. At casinos are clearly betting on the city's comeback they've invested millions of dollars into renovations so. What are you doing to try to ensure that they see a return on that investment. And salt years city. Com we always wanted to be seen OC border we know we have to diversity are all raising we giant casino and moral. We sang and he's never want to share reversing the erratic he. We have the largest are eaten spores are stating journey is sure who. We don't agree on what should million dollars. All last year Warner part of it is who who who had eaten or integration during CEU Rasho com. Well where are always aggression origin. Next year's three years old are you who got bush a letter he ordered an in your injuries and aren't aware. And the mayor's there are contingency plan in place in the event that case is due start rising again. And we do the responsible and mom are we won't last year I didn't priest. All are using grew Marty. Honest. Did the virus is the and qualifications and his. Decision. If we don't want anything red right now I'll be eaten she Nadine and all constant asking why aren't. Or two oh sure and we go forward to seeing your reward is great ANC would learn it. We're all looking forward to head mayors non Atlantic City we appreciate your time today thank you. You're.

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{"duration":"3:54","description":"Atlantic City Mayor Marty Small discusses how the new policies affect the city and its casinos.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"77486206","title":"What New Jersey lifting COVID-19 restrictions means for Atlantic City","url":"/US/video/jersey-lifting-covid-19-restrictions-means-atlantic-city-77486206"}