Joe Biden officially jumps into race for president

The former vice president joins a crowded field in the campaign for the Democratic nomination in 2020.
4:03 | 04/25/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Joe Biden officially jumps into race for president
And we begin with candidate number twenty former vice president Joseph Biden. Has officially entered the crowded 20/20 race so want to take a look in his announcement video this morning where he used imagery of Charlottesville take a look. We saw a Klansman and white supremacist and neo Nazis come and go. Singing anti semantic file hurt crusher. And that's when we heard her words to prison in nine states that stunned the world and shock the conscience of this nation. She said there were cloned. Some very fine people on both sides and that moment. I'm new threat to this nation. Was unlike any I had ever seen in my lifetime. Core values you this nation. Are staying in the world. Our very democracy. Everything in his native American Americans have stake. That's why today I'm announcing my candidacy for president of the United States. All right this is not his first time running for president I want to go to Rick Klein. And our DC bureau Rick what did you think of the imagery that he used in his announcement using show slots bill you. Truly striking surprising it I hadn't anticipated that from the vice president and his team. That said he has talked about that episode as the reason that he decided to re engage in politics he had planned to really take some time off after leaving. Office as vice president but those comments made the first summer of president trumps first term. Inspired him motivated him to get back in the game and he is talk a lot about that and I think he was a a striking use of the imagery and remembering a moment that in some ways wasn't out long though but also feels pretty distant. Yet and you know he's one of the he's latest person to enter this race but he's up front runner in the polls yes. I think that's a fair statement although I don't think he's a front runner in this anything like any front runner Democrats have had been in generations. He's eases week a front runner as you can imagine yes he has a lead in national polls some staples have others including Bernie Sanders in the lead. And I think he comes in without the ability to have cleared the field that's had I think there's a chance for Joseph Biden. And the way his team thinks about this is believed to dominate the field become the center of gravity have the other candidates to find themselves around Joseph Biden. A whole lot of other candidates have been busy defining what's Democratic Party is light. Joseph Biden who's a voice really from the pass of the party is hoping to cast himself as the solution for the future. Yet and am I just want to talk about the president's. Tweets with him entering. President Tom hasn't really said that much about anyone else but he did have a sweet about. Sleeping Joseph so what do you think of that. Yeah I look at the president's gonna have insults he's gonna have nicknames this one is not surprising I think he's looking tick troll the candidates with these nicknames and hope to define them the same way that he was able to against his Republican primary opponents and then. Ultimately Hillary Clinton a 2016. Yet and I I think one question that people are. Probably wondering about is if president former President Obama is going to endorse him. Speaking of presidents yet he put out he doesn't normally talk about entries into the race either but he did put out a glowing statement about his one time rock running mate so interesting because. Biden recently referred to himself as an Obama Biden Democrat that's a line we're gonna hear a lot. Moving forward. That said we are told that President Obama does not plan to endorse Joseph Biden or anyone else he wants voters to sort this out to work this through. It's going to be a long time if there is any endorsement and that that omission of an endorsement itself is striking given the fact that President Obama. Chose Joseph Biden twice to be the man that would succeed him. As president if something tragic happens at choosing him as his running mate saying that is that one of the best decisions he ever made that's not the same as saying you should be the next president. All right Rick Klein thank you so much and I just want to note that. Joseph Biden he's going to be on the view tomorrow for his first exclusive interview since his announcement. And Tuesday he will sit down with Robin Roberts along with his wife Jill. On Good Morning America so check that out.

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{"duration":"4:03","description":"The former vice president joins a crowded field in the campaign for the Democratic nomination in 2020.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"62628340","title":"Joe Biden officially jumps into race for president","url":"/US/video/joe-biden-officially-jumps-race-president-62628340"}