Jon Stewart slams Congress in passionate testimony

The former 'Daily Show' host in his testimony demanded compensation for 9/11 responders.
3:54 | 06/12/19

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Transcript for Jon Stewart slams Congress in passionate testimony
I write guys and we move on to lasting ten Jon Stewart making an emotional appeal to congress yesterday. To make the 9/11 victim compensation fund permanent before it runs out of money. In December twin twenty so take a listen to him yesterday. They responded. In five seconds. It did their jobs. Courage grace. Tenacity. Humility. Eighteen years later. Two doors. Yeah very emotional there I want to bring in Terry in Iran. Who's in our DC bureau. T area I just have to ask you why hasn't the fine the why wasn't it permit it to begin with what's the hang up for them to keep protesting to have this funded. All the time. You know it's hard to believe but it's its money this was a deal that was done with they reluctant Republican Party. Yeah let's turn the page back there are hundreds of firefighters killed when those towers came down. And I'm and almost 2000. Almost 3000 killed on 9/11 darn out 101001. Responders. Who worked on that toxic pile. A full of silk kosice and all other kind asbestos and all glad in terrible poisons that when those towers came down. 101000 of them that now come down with cancers and they're expecting thousands more because they were on that popped for weeks. First looking for survivors and then looking for. Remains. So that families could bury their loved ones as Jon Stewart just said they did the right thing they they responded to the call of duty there. And yet it took ten years really for. A proper fund to be set up to take care of these firefighters in these first responders should say. At first and there was skepticism that the cancers were related. To the toxicity of that of that pile then it was confirmed. And the Republicans didn't want it to be health care program for anyone who is down there and so they put it they put a time limit on. Eventually. The health care compensation fund was extended for 75 years but not fully funded and so here we are. In this absurd situation only in Washington. Where there are thousands of firefighters who are sick and dying their families. Depending on them. The federal government having promised to take care of them and not. Funded that promise. And what does it mean to have someone as famous as Jon Stewart pleading here there are other responders. That were with him as well yesterday yes. Yes absolutely that room was full of first responders from 9/11 and this is not something all one offered Jon Stewart he's been on this issue. For more than a decade and close to these. First responders to 9/11 almost since since 9/11 itself. This is his cause and it means a tremendous amount that is Jon Stewart it's sad to say but. Despite the eloquence in the courage of those first responders who were in that hearing room testifying Lou Alvarez. Facing his 69. Human therapy treatment. Saying I'm I'm not doing it for me he sees. He sees his prognosis is as I'm doing it for the other guys and you have I'm doing my job you have to do yours just as Jon Stewart said. So it does mean a lot you know it is a media environment driven in. In large part by celebrity. And Jon Stewart brought his celebrity but more important he brought. His authentic passion. His outrage is righteous indignation and a track record. A track record of working on this issue for more than a decade and it looks like something is going to get done because it. All right Carrie Miranda right NRDC bureau thank you so much for joining us with updates we appreciate it.

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{"duration":"3:54","description":"The former 'Daily Show' host in his testimony demanded compensation for 9/11 responders.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"63663432","title":"Jon Stewart slams Congress in passionate testimony","url":"/US/video/jon-stewart-slams-congress-passionate-testimony-63663432"}