Jonestown Part 8: Survivors recall shooting that killed congressman, journalists

Congressman Ryan, three journalists and one of the defectors from the Peoples Temple were shot and killed when attempting to leave Guyana.
5:36 | 09/29/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Jonestown Part 8: Survivors recall shooting that killed congressman, journalists
Steak and unlimited mp, starng. Only at Ouk. Thismendous wi came on so fast. It was out of nowhere. The wind came up and it just torral rain. Iny you coulbarely see eight feet in front of you. I personalelt that el itself blew jonestown S soon as E congressman ft with all of the defectors, Jim Jones Ed guarhis thugs,ogether an said, "Go after them. Don't let them leave." Was a powder keg of emotions. It was so clear Toth thing wa erupt. We get to the airstrip. There waonly smalllane at E airstrip at the . Obviously wasn't going to be enough for all of us. Goomorning. United ss embassy. May I help you? Sir, just got a call. They're bringing out 6 people inaddition tth that meahether plane. So, they can a second plane, and it takes forever to get there and 're waitin Everyboust total nervous and abundantly scared at this P where's T other pla? Where'thother plan whers plane? Everybody's got to leave. Yoe. We're T of there." 'Re like, ou don'tw Jim Jones, you don't know what capable ofventually, theer plane do land and an starts having us load up. He plane'sev up the engined an regon and tractor coming. They St across th airstrip, and just three people wa and we knew some to happen. The plane is still he sound at po K Oh, it's still on tro Thereay sort of problem up there. As they're boardinthese two small the bottom. Up with assault rifles, jump out and start firing on the PEOP Thawhen my wi killed. They shoot H in the head. The whole top of her hcomes off. You jussee peopleetting dropped as they're shooting them. Mer was staing screaming and hollering, "Dad, tell tm we'll go back. Tell them we'll go back." And I was trying to puer down B they were still firing. I heard, "Pop P pop," D suddenlyey shootingoint-blankt us. T's somethi bad going on. T know what it is. Is reportedhas been sndooting. And I sawryone securing. We run as far away as possible and trimebody say"hit the dk. There was nocover. I wasindf huddledehind a wheel. As I dove behthe wheel, got hianalized insly that THAs a E to take cover. And thesaw congressman Ryan get shot. 'Sd thinking to myself, ohy this is it. I'm going to. The cameras still rolling I saw at that moment cameran got shot he droppedhe camera. Oullet hit S was powerful. Like a -- I knew that one way turn get hit. And sure enough, I got hit twice. Everye they WOU shoot, the dirt would spray up. Y me among shot t-blank range. Bam, M, I was pretending that I was dead. I had arm across my head protecting mad. Ure know wh going to to us. I just kept hearing theuns go off. And th all of sudden, I had been hit. She had been shot six sevetiy G is blown up.ere's a bone coming out of my right arm. Is at she lived.was so real. It was just everything sd up. Just to see the smoke from GUAND shooting everybody, justaying there stop I saw the tracler slowly making iay back down runway. Everyone S afraid T theyergoing to back and all off. They supposed kill everybody.the end, T were five pele K E congren, three joursts, and one of th defectors. You can't just kill deletiur Normal LI So, Jim Jones has meanwhile gathered eve into the pavilion and said "This is it. The congres's dead. Do you think they're gonllowget by with this? In peace, T us die peace. His own paranoia had taken him to level, that lo H, N. Hurry. Where'tht?the vat? Thvat? ING it hero the as can N. What happened in St was murder.[music

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{"duration":"5:36","description":"Congressman Ryan, three journalists and one of the defectors from the Peoples Temple were shot and killed when attempting to leave Guyana.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"58160601","title":"Jonestown Part 8: Survivors recall shooting that killed congressman, journalists","url":"/US/video/jonestown-part-survivors-recall-shooting-killed-congressman-journalists-58160601"}