Judge Rules on Release of Movie Theater Shooting Video

Judge allows surveillance video to play out in court in Curtis Reeves bond hearing.
3:00 | 02/07/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Judge Rules on Release of Movie Theater Shooting Video
This is a special room. Event company or -- the CBC news digital special report date to. Of a movie theater texting shooting hearing Curtis Reeves. Is undergoing -- intensive bond hearing for shooting Chad rebels and what the prosecution says. Simply texting in a movie theater the victim's wife Nicole Olson sitting in court just a few feet away. From her husband's killer. Re experiencing it up again and today the prosecution. Played some of the recording of the police interviewing -- -- right after that incident described in his own words what happens. And he was. And back. So I sat down. Kansas City. We don't know I can't go to where. Both friendly and always very much here. As far as I can't get away from and suddenly he's virtually. So we call -- -- Can't. They don't. -- -- -- Then you're -- or removal. Then. So anyway it was -- -- -- it's. So Reeves com in his speech and looks like the colts in the because what -- Recording that she's hearing from more on this story I want to bring in lower harassment of UF TS TV in Tampa Bay and -- what can you tell us what's been happening in court that since those moments have been recorded. Dan they just recess for about an hour for lunch I can tell you it's -- -- in these audiotapes very soon after that shooting happened. Curtis three sustaining himself as a almost a decrepit man -- -- one years old he's got arthritis. Feet hurt back hurting him. Unfortunately he saying he felt threatened that. Chad Olson stood on top of that chair reached over the -- at one point these are of course. Curtis -- words but in that dramatic interview he even said and I quote if I had to do all over again. It would have never happened the detective and says what made you shoot him. -- says. He scared the hell out of me that's when he told the tip detectives. And then even went into more of a conversation almost sounding like it was -- speak you know we do know that -- -- a retired Tampa captain Tampa police officer. It seem like he was trying to have a report with these officers giving them information kind of relating to them telling them he had never shot anyone his years on the force. Never had to shoot anyone is a calm man that type of thing and -- we heard. Audio from Vivian -- that's Curtis Reid's wife and you could tell she didn't want to say much anything to incriminate her husband but she did say. She did not see anything -- she wasn't sure. But she didn't see anything throne and she was right there next to when he claims at one point he was hit in the face -- popcorn and then another object. Now we've been hearing in his testimony which is turning out to be more like the trial is set of volunteering. -- we even heard him say it might have been the cell phone that -- Olson was using to text that might have been what hit him in the face. He said he sought on the ground saw that cell -- sitting there are so after everything happened. Pushed his glasses up he looked down saw that -- on the ground and that may have been. What hit him is just a lot in these audiotapes don't we still haven't even seen a surveillance video from inside. Theater ten hopefully that'll be happening sometime this after -- man. We had to move -- it was that a surprise then because the judge did rule to allow the surveillance video. -- -- to be played -- that and again. I think you bring -- a great point -- this is a bond hearing but there are a lot of details and there are a lot of strong arguments are being made right now. Yes and DN. -- really surprised to hear the judge. Is letting them see the surveillance video we have our legal analyst here and he was even saying you know -- just told us on Wednesday the first part of this bond hearing. He'd seen the video about fourteen times he said he sought fifteen times he still wouldn't be able to tell if the shooting had happened in that theater had no one told him. So what appears this video really won't be that incriminating it's fun to infrared cameras that work inside. That movie theater and their motion detected so they only record. When things are moving in the line of sight to the video even looks twice together in some portions like I said we haven't seen it yet. But it just appears this video won't be. Any worse or any better for Curtis -- at this point it sounds like. These -- reviews that might be what the state tries to use to incriminate him again he's being charged with second degree murder and then another charge of aggravated battery with a deadly weapon that is because Chad -- widow she was shot in the hand which was trying to protect her husband. From being shot in that movie theater. If you can elaborate on this report that I saw that this is not a -- the first time that Reeves has been involved with texting in a movie theater. -- -- other family came out in spoke out against him right. At this very true we did that interview as well. A woman says she was in that same theater in December -- that would have been about a month. Before this deadly shooting happened the exact same theater in Wesley chapel Florida she says she was texting on her cell phone. -- saw her he asked her to stop she didn't stop. He -- -- went out went to talk to the manager came back she still was texting he was -- rate. He Kirsten heard these of course her word she says she was in there with her family -- -- -- and leaves the theater. And then he follows her to the restaurant. And that's that woman's words as well as her husband because we interviewed that -- So it sounds like there is some sort of history with this again she'd need to really follow police report on that we had any evidence to cooperate that story. It's just. It's just coincidental. Almost the exact same thing happen unfortunately this time. Deadly but again I want to reiterate Curtis reads this claiming this was self defence fearing for his life he said he was steered. As hell and I quote that when he was listening to these audio tapes he had his head on his chin and it has had on his you know his hands kind of like this just. Really listening and thinking I guess. About what happened on that January afternoon because. He even at one point sat back. And his wife tried to say something to one after that shooting and people around the witnesses say he turned around and told her to shut up. So is just very different pictures being painted about who this man may be. Laura quickly before we let you guys when -- ask -- then what is next -- -- the case that they event the chorus and recess so what is next for the case. Basically we're gonna see that surveillance video that I was just talking about that hopefully will happen sometime this afternoon at the judge is getting really snippy with the state they want this to hurry happen and happen because this is just a bond hearing. As I said. If they move quicker and they go like the judge wants -- to. Hopefully by 5 o'clock we'll know if Curtis trees will be getting bond or not we'll be following that as we know that you as well Laura Harris there yet TS at the Baylor thanks so much we appreciate that. A complete recap right here at ABC news dot conference on -- that's -- New York -- ABC news digital special report.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Judge allows surveillance video to play out in court in Curtis Reeves bond hearing.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"22418100","title":"Judge Rules on Release of Movie Theater Shooting Video","url":"/US/video/judge-rules-release-movie-theater-shooting-video-22418100"}