Jury selection for Derek Chauvin trial is delayed

Protesters gathered outside the courthouse to demand justice for George Floyd and his family.
4:06 | 03/08/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Jury selection for Derek Chauvin trial is delayed
Jury selection in the murder trial of Derek Shelton that former Minneapolis police officer charged with killing George Floyd was slated to begin today but hasn't been delayed this. As protesters took to the streets of Minneapolis demanding justice for Jorge Floyd. Ahead of trial security is ramped up at the courthouse and police stations across the city and our Alex Perez. Covering the story from the very beginning he's with us now in Minneapolis with the latest Alex thanks for joining us. I know you've been on the scene there for so long odds wanted to ask you we met a jury selection set to begin that you would today what what happened today. Well tonight Terry we were expecting the trial jury deliberations jury I'm sorry jury selection to begin today but of course that was all delayed the parties here are sparring over in this Court of Appeals decision last week. How ruling that the judge in this case it has to reconsider reinstating. Pay third degree murder charge now that charge was dropped out previously by and is a judge. But the judge here in this case is saying today that he does not believe right now that he has jurisdiction over that charge he wants a way for the Minnesota Supreme Court to sort of addressed this issue they're basing hot the Court of Appeals based her decision on that ongoing case that's being appealed right now so all of this sort of Lawson is a legal limbo so that means a jury selection which everyone was anticipating here you can see all of those offenses here they go all around the perimeter of this building security is very tight. There were anticipating the stardom and that just. Is not happening right now it's all in question it's unclear what exactly would start at this point Terry head and Alex and I could follow up on that third degree murder charge. All this debate and about its reinstatement. Take you need to know what's at stake here who's on what side here. Yes sure you know the prosecutor was to make sure they have every tool possible in their arsenal. And you know right now he's charged with second degree murder and second degree manslaughter and they're seeking this. Third degree murder charge W talk to legal experts will tell you the prosecutor wants to make sure he gives the jury options. So that they have something to choose from when they're deliberating now. The bar for third degree murder is of course lower then that what you would find for a second degree murder. And as we know in these big high profile cases and any crimes prosecutor gets usually just a one shots to try. The criminal the alleged criminal for the alleged crimes that he wanted to make sure they have a everything they can in hand. Before moving forward but the judge says a right now he just doesn't feel he can decide on that and until we get a decision on that is seems things are sort of in this holding pattern right now. Terry. Got it that was very helpful to me thank you so let's go to the streak snapped last night today we've seen those protests ramping up around the courthouse and the city. What did you like common ground there to you then there's so much what are you hearing from local as you talk to. I had Terry were here you know last summer when the streets of Minneapolis were filled with protesters and oh really got a sense of that again here very early this morning there were demonstrators has started to come out they were. Feeling I sort of within the area around the perimeter of the courthouse here I can tell you thus far everything has remained extremely peaceful. People are marching people are holding signs there is music playing but people. In general here have been very very peaceful they say they're here because they want to show their support for the family. I'm George Floyd there was one George Floyd family member in the courtroom today because of Kobe restrictions only allowing one family member from each side to beat in the courtroom and they -- to make sure that they his sister who was in there today was aware that. Many people in the public support them and support what they're going through and are also like the family calling for justice Terry.

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{"duration":"4:06","description":"Protesters gathered outside the courthouse to demand justice for George Floyd and his family.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"76329233","title":"Jury selection for Derek Chauvin trial is delayed","url":"/US/video/jury-selection-derek-chauvin-trial-delayed-76329233"}