Justice Brett Kavanaugh makes his Supreme Court debut

Kavanaugh was present for the Supreme Court's first day of arguments.
2:10 | 10/09/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Justice Brett Kavanaugh makes his Supreme Court debut
Hello everyone I'm Terry Moran you watching ABC news live I'm here at the Supreme Court it's Brett Cabot on us first date justice Brett Cavanaugh. Hearing arguments on the Supreme Court they got right down to business but it was a special day Chief Justice John Roberts opened the proceedings. A by welcoming justice Kavanagh to the court and wishing him what he's had a long. And happy career in our common calling that note of civility very typical of this court. When justice Kavanagh emerged from behind those black curtains. There was a smile on his face and an on the face of the other justices that little tradition just before they come out into the courtroom. Each justice shakes the hand of every other justice that's a 7272. Moments of of civility and that seem to have lightened the mood a little bit in attendance today justice Kavanagh us family. His wife Ashley their two daughters. Also. Justice Anthony Kennedy who is it was the justice who resigned justice cannot taking his place just get a also once clerked for Anthony Kennedy. So it was it was a family day for justice get a but the got right down to business no landmark no big time cases but there was an interesting case. That centered on a question of an act of violence against a woman actually it was a man arrested in Florida for burglary he had add three. Previous violent felonies. And that meant he had an enhanced sentence the question was he was saying one of those violent felons wasn't violent Ollie didn't snatch a necklace. From a woman and it led to some. Some very dense discussions of that law and a little little lighthearted ness at one point justice Sotomayor. Reached over and pinched justice Neil corsets to ask if that would be sufficient. Violence to warrant the enhanced sentence. Just as DeVon I'll wasn't bashful he jumped in plenty. Probably half a dozen or more questions he got right down to work and that's the way it went a brief moment of recognition. After this tumultuous. Bitter partisan fight over his confirmation. And he's there. A lifetime appointment. Terry Moran ABC news you're watching ABC news line.

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{"duration":"2:10","description":"Kavanaugh was present for the Supreme Court's first day of arguments. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"58389066","title":"Justice Brett Kavanaugh makes his Supreme Court debut","url":"/US/video/justice-brett-kavanaugh-makes-supreme-court-debut-58389066"}