Kamala Harris calls teen artist who struggled with bullying

The story behind the artist who earned a phone call from Vice President-elect Kamala Harris after he painted a portrait of her.
3:46 | 12/16/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Kamala Harris calls teen artist who struggled with bullying
And now to a teen whose extraordinary paintings earned him a phone call from the vice president elect here's can Wentworth. I'm actually it's no one really gotten. That's why don't get me she shipmates that sums up the knowledge about my inspiration. Un American. And fourteen years old. Tyler Gordon's talent is trying nice from around the world. The youngest of time Tyler was born premature and hearing impaired. That was his first battle. And after surgery helped him recover part of this hearing he began to stutter and I'd sit gamble and a lot. At a much better. So kids what question tease me. Then. Actually one time and it got so bad sweating. Not stop my friends nearly speaking news sixteen this team has voiced its apple like. Beginning bullied as it's what we help me get this far it goes. It helped me and my emotions it's in my opinion is. He started painting when he was ten years old inspiration struck in the middle of the night with a dream it's springing out of bed to tell asthma. A year later he broke bones in his hips and legs because of a severe vitamin. But there was no stopping his precious. And whatever he needs now I'll give it no matter what I had its biggest health sometime but I cannot make you don't make a point to make sure he had everything you need. They're very good thing is budgets guys. Hollis. Meaning that and don't just face that I captured. That I like him agent milling and emotions. Eighteen portraits of and inspire him. I have hello. Including NBA star Kevin Durant this all Tyler's portrait while he was playing with the Golden State Warriors and 2018. Most recently he took to the campus walls overlooking vice president elect come more Harrison's hometown change in its final. So many Cuban. And a bearish yourself hitting just thirty minutes she created a masterpiece one that prompted harassed to call him herself. This is currently here is currently now are you this. Show is actually. Right it's hot means I'm confident unity ticket for a portrait. I really extraordinary. Gift and mean Whitney did you pack in tonight's show called conversations. Pilot afraid of what how the world will react to it because. Right now are and they've just divided by a. Lot of different things. He had paid it is like no mom you know. God help me to paint something I have to do it no matter what is it turned out to be a beautiful fabulous thing for him. He also painted president elect Joseph Biden both pieces of art are now on display at the Beverly Center in Los Angeles as part of the players to the exhibit. Tyler he's the youngest artist involved Tyler's our work in ambition earned him his life hasn't run around for time magazine. To be here top spots here. All he's actually. Just getting started we can't whitworth ABC news Los Angeles. Wow what amazing. Talent there he's got something. He really does end and you had teaches us once again everyone's got a voice and we should hear it. As he's speaking to us and in his painting her beautifully he's there is.

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{"duration":"3:46","description":"The story behind the artist who earned a phone call from Vice President-elect Kamala Harris after he painted a portrait of her.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"74767003","title":"Kamala Harris calls teen artist who struggled with bullying","url":"/US/video/kamala-harris-calls-teen-artist-struggled-bullying-74767003"}