Kamala Harris directly addresses Trump during Democratic debate

Sen. Kamala Harris of California addressed the president during the third Democratic primary debate in Houston, saying, "You can go back to watching Fox News."
3:20 | 09/13/19

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Transcript for Kamala Harris directly addresses Trump during Democratic debate
And so people were wondering if the president. Would be watching all of the action last night but one of the candidates was certain that he was the take a look at Connolly harris'. Opening remarks. But here's what you don't get. What you don't get is that the American people. Are so much better than this and we know that the vast majority of us have so much more in common and what separates us regardless of our raised where we live are the party with which were registered to vote and I plan on focusing on our common issues our common hopes and desires and in that way unifying our country. Winning this election and turning the page for America. And now president stumped you can go back to watching Fox News. Are at a want to bring in Karen Travers at the white house on Caron. Good to see you do we know what the president was doing during the debate. I'd that they Kimberly I was wrong I I predicted I think review in DeVon yesterday that the president would be tuning in that he would be tweeting about it. And he couldn't turn away from the debate but they hit us tweets not sure how much she was watching in real time. The president actually did not give back to the White House up last night until about 10 o'clock you than Baltimore speaking house Republicans. He said he was gonna watch it may be on delay on re run that is gonna be taping it but. So far not a direct response from the president himself now while he was in Baltimore of course he was talking about the democratic field. He said that this will be a revolution to the laughed no matter who is the eventual nominee. His campaign last night said that the with an infomercial for president -- that the policy they were talking about in the positions they were pushing for are going to help him get elected. Kimberly they said that they don't find the candidates very impressive and no matter who wins the president is going to dominate any of them. Of course that's not what the polling showing us this week president down significantly. In head to head matchups against that top tier democratic candidates. And Karen yet made mention tart here Phillips that Elizabeth Warren would be his competition. Yeah it's paying attention to the polls and I think he noted that Elizabeth Warren has seen a bump in recent weeks he then mentioned of course. The former vice president Joseph Biden as well as Bernie Sanders does of the three he also talked about last night at that house Republican retreat where he was addressing lawmakers. The press paying close attention to this race so it's not surprising that the people he would say would be the toughest competitors for him or the people he's. Keeping an eye on are the ones that are doing the best in the polls don't waste his time talking about. That bottom five or even more than that he knows who US to zero in on. All right and you know he was tweeting not specifically. About the debate but a little bit on the economy. A little bit on its when he when he raised and Mueller. Yeah all of his greatest hits he allowed of these tweeted the media plugged in to Google you see he's treated almost the exact same things before in recent months. Kimberly little bit of a sense that we. Is toying with us today he knows everybody is eagerly awaiting for him to weigh in explicitly. On last night's debate. But for now he's not doing that he's talking just more broadly about the race and politics and of course defending his own positions and his own agenda. All right Karen Travers right there at the White House thank you so much.

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{"duration":"3:20","description":"Sen. Kamala Harris of California addressed the president during the third Democratic primary debate in Houston, saying, \"You can go back to watching Fox News.\" ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"65596519","title":"Kamala Harris directly addresses Trump during Democratic debate","url":"/US/video/kamala-harris-directly-addresses-trump-democratic-debate-65596519"}