Kansas City Highway Shooting Suspect in Custody

Police apprehended the man they believe is responsible for the 20 highway shootings in Kansas City.
9:05 | 04/18/14

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Transcript for Kansas City Highway Shooting Suspect in Custody
This is a special room. -- Cutler -- new York and there is relief in Kansas City and the surrounding suburbs today as police track down the man. They say carried out nearly two dozen highway shootings. In the past month -- -- a news conference with the prosecutor in the case the first or whatever and ABC -- on with more on the arrest. After a month of terror random shootings on the highways around Kansas City, Missouri and an urgent manhunt. Finally relief for a community on edge we've apprehended it will -- -- the suspects. In the I was -- bullets hit twenty cars to people were shot in the legs and another in the -- Based on tips from the community several dozen officers including agents from the FBI and ATF. Raided this house in grand view Missouri Kansas City suburb where -- -- -- -- man believed to be in his twenty's. The authorities searched the home collecting evidence and plastic bags -- away this Dodge Neon with an Illinois license plate. The park that goes a lot. He denies the day. I work nights are come are -- to leave this coming going congress the suspect lives in grand view. Home of the grand -- triangle where several highways intersect and at least six of the reported shootings took place. The possibility that there were accomplices has not been ruled out investigation is ongoing -- still looking at evidence. Although the prosecutor has yet to file charges or release the suspect's name. The arrest comes as a welcome first step we want to make sure that the residents and build a treble -- in the city know that -- safe. -- police say they'll release more information wants the prosecutor files charges Susan -- only ABC news Washington. I want to bring up from Washington ABC news analyst and former FBI agent Brad Garrett Bret thanks for your time we really appreciate it. That the shooting suspect has been -- costly for us a couple of hours -- so what kind of questions are agents asking him. Well the real key is can they get him to actually admit that he is the shooter and if you get to that point and then. What is the motivation because there it's not going to be a logical answer to why he's randomly shoot unique cars on the interstate. Let let me ask you then about how they're gonna proceed with this than the FBI the ATF -- on this case how to they decide jurisdiction sparsely. What questions get asked who's going to be -- those questions while the primary authority. You're going to be the city -- -- police in the jurisdictions or the shooting occurred so. That prosecutor of that county will file charges so they will control the investigation. As as it moves forward FBI and ATF. Will probably provide them questions in reference to. Motive firearms were do you acquire the firearms those type of things -- will be primarily conducted by local authorities now. We've seen a number of these cases sadly most notably the DC sniper killings is there a suspect profile. At this -- almost a handbook of sorts. Two to be able to identify these kinds of cases. Well it excluded the DC -- for second and does go to highway shooters. Like. An Ohio and Mississippi. You know -- tends to be some mental health component to it. But they're all sort of driven by. Anger and rage sort of lost. Unemployed or underemployed. -- just sort of they want to take out there reed's ginger anger toward. Society. It that I also think combined -- may be the kick and the thrill of doing it did in your car driving around shooting at people. -- -- doesn't make sense to the average person but if you're thinking in -- distorted view. Can you really want to sort of take you know I guess charged to a certain extent inn express sure. Dissatisfaction. With society. I think you get something like that going on with the shooter now. As good as hers Susan's piece there -- there in the Kansas City was -- -- highways are safe travelers should know that in fact roadways traveling. He's safe now at the same time the DC sniper case of the two man operation so. With tactical level of confidence that the police are coming out there -- -- in fact that they appear fairly confident they have got the person is behind all this though is -- still weigh on the mind that DC case in particular any kind of more than one person operation. Sure but big again excluding the DC sniper case for second most of these highway shooters. Have been loners have been alone going up and down the highway different times of the day or night but it tends to be in the same center general area. You know the DC snipers were really driven by tech -- security people. Highway shooters are more driven by -- shooting at people if they -- happened to kill the armory are harmed them. Then so be it but I don't think that's the primary goal I think the primary goal is to sort of -- ventilate and release the younger generations going on inside them. -- that the shootings that began march 8 stopped when Kansas City -- went public with their investigation on Friday. In your estimation then what do you make of that length of time between the BA of the shootings and when they made that all public. Highway shooters -- does include the DC snipers. Get caught because there and their vehicle he it becomes identified partial tag number full tag number state of the tag. And that's -- start working on the new -- sort of train you wait that a round. Where the shootings occurred in this case you've got a number of them apparently in close proximity to the suspect's house. You know who has a green vehicle with Illinois tags that lives close by. And -- -- -- -- type of sort of investigative deduction -- issued to the shooter but mom and to come to this I think they're the reality is they got some decent tips that led them to this guy. What do you read into the fact of how he was arrested swat teams could verging on his house. Say you essentially what they might have already known about. Well anytime you have people who commit violent acts like this with a firearm. You have to resume a law enforcement that -- they may resist you. And anytime you have that I can tell you all police managers FBI managers. -- basically make you take the swat team. For safety reasons -- left them overwhelmed the suspect that he's even thinking about shooting somebody -- him into custody in the investigators will come in behind them. Do the interviewing in the searching so. At night. On the highway that's that's so we know we don't know of any connection between any of these victims three. That were injured non life threatening injuries but is there any reason to suspect this is anything but a series of of random acts. It is certainly looks like random acts it looks like wrong place wrong time that also does with the DC snipers they just -- locations. Zoomed in on somebody and shot them. And so -- I think this has nothing to do with the individuals. I think this is more of a global anger rage whatever is driving this person. We're expecting of though we don't know as of yet any charges being placed against the suspect but is there a chance in fact prosecutors could potentially come on say. None have been filed a -- will be filed against the suspects. And we'll of course I mean they could come out and say that we just have eliminated him for whatever reason. My sense is that's not going to be the case you know how the police -- carry on television. And saying look we believe we've got the right guy that's telling me they've got some corroborating evidence to -- -- the gun. You know do they do they have the tag number that a witness did. Provided them does he have a friend in informant a source a neighbor. Who knows about it -- maybe he's -- something to them on the need this that type of information you're not gonna get you might get some of it in a in a press conference. But that's what the prosecutor -- way to decide in my gonna charge him now. Coming and let them investigate a little further and maybe -- next week we'll have to -- so how long can -- keep the suspect in custody if they don't have charges filed. Well they can only hold them for it preliminarily in most jurisdictions about 24 hours Miller got the letting go or charge him with something. Now did they find something in the house you know did he -- -- -- making this up a convicted felon. He had a firearm in the house they get ahold -- -- that there are other charges. That you could hold them on until you ultimately charge him. With the highway shootings. Brad Garrett ABC news analysts and former FBI agent Brad thank you for time certainly appreciated feel welcome. And again we are still waiting -- -- prosecutor's press conference -- -- you can watch that right here on our ABC news digital live stream. For now though this has -- an ABC news digital special reporting keep up with a storied real time download -- ABC news -- starring the story for exclusive updates on ago. For now though -- -- Cutler New York.

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{"duration":"9:05","description":"Police apprehended the man they believe is responsible for the 20 highway shootings in Kansas City. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"23387402","title":"Kansas City Highway Shooting Suspect in Custody","url":"/US/video/kansas-city-highway-shooting-suspect-custody-23387402"}