Kanye West hugs President Trump and ABC News' Johnathan Karl in the Oval Office

ABC News' Johnathan Karl talks about President Trump's meeting with Kanye West
5:42 | 10/11/18

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Transcript for Kanye West hugs President Trump and ABC News' Johnathan Karl in the Oval Office
Chief White House correspondent Jonathan Karl who just joins us fly it in. Further briefing room session he was in the oval office for this extraordinary moment ask the president some questions and John. Everybody's talking about that big hug you got from Kanye West must go pretty good. This is there are days I did that this was one of the stranger days we've had many many many strange days during the that that the trump Mira. Oh my god are actually show the hug there. I think that acrobat. All so long ago I. Those who has a lot of them room. It's what I I think that the most important question that I asked today and this was a day you're. I mean I asked the president he would re different events that I was in for. I asked him questions about about. Jamal could showed me the the Saudi journalist. I was disappear asked about the hurricane obviously asked about. The did the economy in the Federal Reserve. And asked about Kanye West of Atlanta but I think that in some ways. The question. They've set this all off was at the very end of the first event the president had today this was where he was signing the save our seas act. With Shelton whitehouse one and his. That wouldn't true trump nemesis in the in in the senate. At the very end of that event I said Mr. President. Will you bring us in when you meet with Kanye. Because of us has to be closed to reporters it was that there was supposed to be closed. I mean as you know Devin the the meeting was not even on the president's schedule wasn't even listed as an off the record meeting it wasn't even listed as a closed meeting was listed at all. And if you remember. When Kim Kardashian in came in. I think the president finally got a much more enthusiastic united what do you mean that's David Herbert Berger who hugged who in there. Chaos. And we're I think I like I think I think kinda it was initiating all of this but problem. But we Kim Kardashian came in. You know several months ago. The the White House simply. Put out a photograph dated dated not bring the press and so I don't think that it was a given. That we were gonna wise see this I think this was very much the president kind of calling an audible. And and maybe maybe I've got some of the blame or credit or something for that buy if 130 police saying I don't. Don't you two the entire world by asking again and. Anyway who had what was also mean the yeah you saw it. I mean surreal that the I was trying to take Poole notes to describe what was going on. And to describe the soliloquy that we heard from Kanye West and I I I kind of basically summarized. Every sixth or seventh line I mean you know he had he was talking about how four needed to make fly cars he was talking about. As experience with a deed as he was talking about doing away with the thirteenth amendment. He was talking about his. Make America great again hat and and that line and he said. That that is where he gets his power that is his Superman's cape. All I asked him by the way. Guys about the you know what would what Condit said about George W. Bush. In the aftermath of Katrina that he doesn't care about black people like civil what do you say to those that say this president doesn't care about black people. And that led to another soliloquy that that went on I think that that was where he. He came up with that line and its he if he doesn't look that we don't look good but. I don't know what to make of it all be I guess that's why you guys are here doing analysis on the briefing room maybe you. Well we're we were just chewing on that eight and one does wonder what does the president get out of this before let's go to die at what want to put that tear it does seem that the president and his staff. Things they do invoke Kanye West when talking about the African American community. They talk about the Nintendo low level of African American unemployment. Other economic indicators when talking about why black Americans black voters should be supporting this president. They constantly invoked con mis named it do you think they actually believe it doesn't have any. Any cred as a Gideon then anything if you will. I mean I think it the president will come back to. Over and over again the unemployment rate the African American unemployment rate and you know you've heard the line it is sad unity and and it's actually. Largely true that. African American unemployment is is at a historic low. In this country of course the unemployment rate across the board. Is at a 49 year low. I in terms of this I I I think that the White House staff. If they thought that this was really truly a way to reach out. And part of a strategy for the African American vote which by the way the president has almost none of what's let's be honest. State they they would have done more to kind of proactively put this out there but again this was not something that was scheduled to be before the cameras this was the president himself. Kind of calling that audible I could tell at times. He felt a little bit uncomfortable with we've we've Kanye aides soliloquy and he kept on coming back to to Jim ground but thought it Jim Brown's air national brands also are also there right yeah also. You know had very good you know loan glowing words of praise. For dolls from. All right our own chief White House correspondent Jonathan Karl making the news once again this time with a Hogg. In the Oval Office that's the first thing for you John thank you let her make an effort and internists in the briefing room. We'll see you later.

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{"duration":"5:42","description":"ABC News' Johnathan Karl talks about President Trump's meeting with Kanye West","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"58444441","title":"Kanye West hugs President Trump and ABC News' Johnathan Karl in the Oval Office","url":"/US/video/kanye-west-hugs-president-trump-abc-news-johnathan-58444441"}