Is Kanye West’s White House run realistic?

ABC News Political Director Rick Klein on the rap mogul’s potential White House bid and whether he could draw any meaningful support.
3:31 | 07/09/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Is Kanye West’s White House run realistic?
The race for the White House and the wild card rap mogul time game western tweeted as you well know at this point over fourth of July that he. Is running for president is now sat down for a wide ranging interview with Forbes magazine where he says that he's done with president trump and explains his view of the black vote in. How his White House would be modeled on the fictional country what conduct. In the movie black panther ABC news political director Rick Klein joins us now. To break it all down for us and Rick really shouldn't be all that caught off guard by this after all at the 2015 and TV media maze Connie didn't announce. He was getting under president in 20/20 and to be fair that same year 2015 when then candidate trump joined their race. American people took it seriously and assume that it was just. A publicity stunt so do you think if people should give more credence to this potential run by Kanye West. No way at least not if you're worried that the he actually might become president thinking that it's about becoming president that's not realistically fifteen is actually in addressing reference point in this because that is when Donald Trump announced for the 2016 race of Kanye West. Had announced this a year ago he might have a shot to make a ballot into enough places to be competitive but those deadlines have already passed in a whole range of states. And in at this point he hasn't filed a statement of candidacy with the Federal Election Commission he gets harder and harder as time goes by. And there really is nothing now that says this is a serious candidacy for president. So for months saudis what would be his best bet that a write in option. What was even a bunch of states won't even count write in votes as it he is he has missed the filing deadline in a range of states including some huge electoral prizes Texas New York. North Carolina he's leaving at least a hundred electoral votes on the table wouldn't even be eligible for them. So he can always mix things up he could make things very interest thing if he. Actually were to pursue this but boring any sort of formal step that that he makes here I think you have to chalk this up publicity son. OK and west talks in the same Forbes interview about the black vote saying quote I was threatened as a celebrity into being in one party I was threatened as a black man into the Democratic Party. And that's are the Democrats are doing emotionally to my people threatening them to the point where. This white man can tell a black man if you don't vote for me you're not black he of course is referring to Joseph Biden's Ewing plaque if you vote for trump commented got. A biting into some hot water. In this time though of racial of people across the country do you think it all they Kanye is too. Might attract some disaffected voters who like the famed rapper may have never voted before. It's all there is no question I can see upheaval in what he's saying there although it's probably pretty limited appeal is that the African American community and I actually think that. That that statement is something that's his critics are gonna call allowed disabled maybe this reveals truly what he's behind Kanye West. They endorse president trump in the in his reelection bid the president was quite proud of that moment together that you see right there in the Oval Office with with a Mac had and everything so. It is he I think even seeing it the way he did right there I ages arouses suspicion that this is Brit I truly visit about anything it's about. The hurting Joseph Biden and helping Donald Trump may be giving some black voters license to vote for someone other than Joseph Biden. So just final words here too much too little too late. I 100% that's where we are right now and in fact is Kanye West himself said about a month from now all of the major filing deadlines we'll pass so if he's serious about this he's gonna have to get it done now and it's really hard to run for president. Yeah especially as of third party candidate it's a lot easier route to talk about it especially when you're trying to sell an album. Hi Rick Klein thank you so much for your insight we really appreciate it thanks Leslie.

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{"duration":"3:31","description":"ABC News Political Director Rick Klein on the rap mogul’s potential White House bid and whether he could draw any meaningful support.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"71683626","title":"Is Kanye West’s White House run realistic?","url":"/US/video/kanye-wests-white-house-run-realistic-71683626"}