Kavanaugh, accuser expected to testify at public hearing Monday

The two have been invited to testify on Capitol Hill, but Kavanaugh's accuser hasn't officially confirmed yet.
6:29 | 09/18/18

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Transcript for Kavanaugh, accuser expected to testify at public hearing Monday
Bring to start today by looking at the nomination of Supreme Court nominee Bret Kavanagh for that and got Terry Moran Terry thanks so much for joining us. So Terry catch us up here and we had a high school classmate of Brad -- not trump Supreme Court nominee coming follower it. Waiting serious allegations against this nominees she has now been invited to come and testify. Before the Senate Judiciary Committee which is not yet accepted. That offer what are you hearing about whether or not she will impact testify. Well it depends on what that hearing looks like it seems like there is some kind of dispute around how these hearings are going to be organized is that going to be just a swearing contest. I judge Brett Cavanaugh and Kristen glossy Ford each telling their story and that it. Or will there be some ground work laid. By the FBI which is what the Democrats are asked what will there be other. Witnesses called which the doctor -- report may well want she may want the other person whom she alleges was in the room. Mark judge who also denies this as district Kavanagh that there was any kind of sexual assault perpetrated. Like the one she describes. Would there be other witnesses attesting to them how much judge Kavanagh might have been drinking and high school whether there were other. Incidents like this in is that Ol or can judge Kavanagh bring witnesses. Is his old girlfriends or or those things and right now the chairman of the Judiciary Committee is saying nope we're just haven't straight hearing and that might be giving. Doctor glossy wood some thoughts that she's just going to be out there. With no corroboration. Against the Supreme Court nominee. Renteria when you talk about all of those machinations and who is actually engaged in those negotiations talking about what this would look like. Well right now on capitol hell Red Cross the street here it's the chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee Chuck Grassley who is channeling. Yes strategy from the White House judge Kavanagh is at the White House again today prepping for these hearings laying out the kind of strategy that that he might use. So that's once I'd get a cent of the Democrats and a doctor blahs afford her lawyer Deborah Katz who was a well known. At labor lawyer here in Washington. And what the hearings look like right now is this is the sticking. Right and you listen it's hard not to look at what's happening here. And see reflections. Anita Helen I think Republicans know. That this is a very delicate balance for them that if in fact Christine I think for a chooses to testify. The optics of that hearing will be as important in some ways as the testimony it's I'll have you heard anything. About who Republicans. Would have questioned her. A little bit there's a suggestion that former new Hampshire Republican senator Kelly Ayotte may. Be the questioner for the all male Republican side of the Judiciary Committee I may go. As they have done in previous high profile hearings whether it was. The Iran Contra hearings are Watergate hearings outside of the congress altogether and get somebody who does this for a living. Somebody who is a trial lawyer and there are plenty of trial lawyers men and women who know hot question a witness in the delicate position a woman who is alleging. And assault like this do it respectfully. And get the facts out even get the facts out that favor one side or the other. And that's a very difficult thing to know how to do away anybody watches law and order that those gods and says can attest. But people do what for a living and they get very good added it may be wise Republicans look for somebody like that. Terry do you have a sense of what it would take for Republicans to abandon calendars nomination. Sure it if I think many Republicans have come forward and said if these allegations are true. That is disqualified for judge Kavanagh on this court. That being said there is also questioned. For some people if these allegations are true 35 years ago in high school does that mean that he's disqualified from this. I remember some of the Robert Byrd the late senator Robert Byrd of West Virginia during the Clarence Thomas hearings taking the floor. And take a lot of people say we should give Clarence Thomas in that case the benefit of the doubt he said he thought the court should get the benefit of the doubt they voted against Thomas. I think that would be for Democrats and Republicans if there is corroboration. If there is some evidence is reliable evidence that. A doctor plus reporters tell the truth about judge Kavanagh ridiculous that Republicans. Let's talk about the timing of this if they both testify next week that will put that in six weeks out from election Monday. If his nomination gets derailed due Republicans have enough time to present another nominee and to actually go through those confirmation hearing. Sure because it's not just the six weeks to. Two elect midterm elections it's to the new. Senate if Democrats take over the senate which is what they're hoping that the long shot let's remember it's cyber talk about a blue wave but it's still a very difficult. Landscape. For Democrats some polls are showing that they actually haven't made up that ground that much ground with non college educated white voters which is the voters that they lost. Their numbers are good in many ways but it's not a sure thing especially in the senate but even if they took it over Republicans still have all of November. All of December. For a lame duck session that they could confirm a nominee if judge Kavanagh somehow needs to withdrawal hours defeated so. There's plenty of time here but I think the Democrats say they want to stand by this woman who has come forward. And action was dragged out of are confident you'll. Space probably by democratic staffers at the end of the day who wanted this flight with with the president because that's the other thing the Democrats want system is there really. Not president trump and the Republicans down it. There are there's a lot at stake here the most at stake is for these two individuals and as we go forward we should remember. That this is enormously painful for both of them. One of them. He's probably not to enter that things are perhaps there's some kind of mistake here but half the country's gonna hate each one seems in are divided and polarized times. They have families and children. That's no good. And ran thank you so much. Thing.

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{"duration":"6:29","description":"The two have been invited to testify on Capitol Hill, but Kavanaugh's accuser hasn't officially confirmed yet.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"57910796","title":"Kavanaugh, accuser expected to testify at public hearing Monday","url":"/US/video/kavanaugh-accuser-expected-testify-public-hearing-monday-57910796"}