R. Kelly pleads not guilty

Embattled singer pleads not guilty to new sexual assault charges.
0:44 | 06/06/19

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Transcript for R. Kelly pleads not guilty
I'm Alexis Nick Adams reporting of the Cook County criminal courthouse where singer. To a long list of new criminal charges now this court hearing came nearly one week after prosecutors announced a does in new counts of sexual related felonies against the singer. Those new charges include aggravated criminal sexual assault and aggravated criminal sexual abuse charges. The class sex felonies in this case carry a maximum prison term. Of thirty years each right now. They're confident. 26. I'm Alexis Nick Adams you're watching ABC news life.

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{"duration":"0:44","description":"Embattled singer pleads not guilty to new sexual assault charges.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"63534200","title":"R. Kelly pleads not guilty","url":"/US/video/kelly-pleads-guilty-63534200"}